limping back leg

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limping back leg

My bully Mr. Higgins has a slight limp of his left leg when indoors but seems to walk o.k. when outdoors.I noticed this a few days ago. I have rested him and stopped all jumping onto furniture and stairs. He does not put any weight on it when standing, just barely touches it to the floor. He is otherwise normal. He is 3 1/2 and had luxating patella surgeries at age 13 and 15 mos. He has been on a joint supplement for ages, but I ran out and he did without for a few weeks. (bad mom) He is back on it. Arthritis? Partial ACL tear? Oh my god I hope not, he has been through so much already. Wanting advice before I take him in. My vet will surely want to xray and insists on sedating which I hate so much.Is he at risk for ACL injury because he had lux. patella surgery?
Thanks in advance.

he stopped limping now

I think I should stop him from running around and up and down hills (on his flexi). He is extremely active and has always been a small boy at 42 pounds.If it happens again I am going to get a diagnosis. I am just so afraid he will need another knee surgery with all the confinement after.


What are the different symptoms for these? His limping seems to be almost gone and is a mystery to me. Should I take him in if it returns? Vet always sedates for xrays. Is it not possible to xray without sedation?

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definitely his cruciate i would say


CCL Rupture

My 3 year old female has been a chronic limper on either side. Her vet first diagnosised her with a possible tear and put on her on crate rest for 10 days. She did get better and then on and off some sort of activity would irritate it and she would limp again. But with rest she would stop limping. Last month it got to the point where she didnt want to put any weight on your left side. I finally had the xrays taken and she has a partial tear in both knees. She had bilateral TPLO surgery 2 weeks ago is doing great.

could be acl

We've had two acl surgeries(one two weeks ago) and that's how I knew he had an acl tear was by holding his leg up and not wanting to put pressure on it. Your vet will definitely know by manipulating his leg. Jumping off and on furniture is a sure way to injure his acl. We just had a TTA repair and I can't believe how well my dog is recuperating. Good luck and hopefully it's something less serious.

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