Lily got her lab report

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Lily got her lab report

Lily had the lump removed from her breast 2 weeks ago. Here is the result from the vet laboratory.

MICROSCOPIC: The specimen consists of skin and underlying mammary tissue. There is a mass composed of proliferations of myoepithelium and glands lined by a single layer of plump but monomorphic epithelium. The lesion extends to margins on the section examined.

DIAGNOSIS: Fibrocepithelial hyperpalsia.

COMMENT: This is a benign lesion that may be the result of hormonal stimulation. Excision of the mass, and removal of hormonal stimulus should be curative, but follow-up is advised as malignant tumors may Adminse from sites of hyperplasia.

Re: Lily

Glad to see you have gotten a good report. One less thing to worry about, and anymore, that is I what I look for! Give both Lily and Chunk hugs from us. Sending good thoughts!

that is good news,

is she spayed?

Im getting Bella spayed soon. Our rescue has seen a few girls with breast cancer when they get older. So she will be spayed in a few weeks.



I promise if I don't know exactly what something means, I will look it up. Lately, with all that has happened, all I do is read medical stuff. I am going to file a complait with the TX State Board of Vet Examiners because of what happened to Sammie. I spent four hours last night getting all of my info together. I KNOW it won't do any good, but at least I will know I tried. You guys take care!!

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Hi Pris....

I am glad you read this. You are so good at Medical Terminology.

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Yes, she is spayed....

last June, 04. She is 3 years old.

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