licking nose

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licking nose

Aidan my one year old bully has been for the last two days looking up and trying to lick his nose, well that is what it looks like. he will keep doing it until I get his mind off of whatever it is that is bothering him. Im not sure if it is because his nose is a little runny or what. Has anyone seen this before?

Jacinda and the bullies's picture

Mine do this when their tail pocket is dirty


Yup, Rocky also does this when his anal glands need expressed,

he licks the air, then I know it's time to go to the vet, usually he needs it done every 3-4 months.

Anal glands?

our bella does this when she needs her anal glands expressed.

Re: Yup, Rocky also does this when his anal glands need expresse

do all bulldogs need their anal gland expressed? Why?

Re: licking nose


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