Licking the air

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Licking the air

I've read some posts in the past about bully's licking the air and their owners wondering what this is about. Sabella had been doing the same thing. I'd checked everything there was to check... Her anal gland, tail pocket... Both were fine I thought. Well, I finally took her to the vet cause clearly something was going on that she started doing this. Should would just sit and do it all the time. Very annoying but I knew there just HAD to be a reason. The vet said, where her tail pocket appeared clean and not stinking like some get, that her tail was pretty tight and getting "in grown" and causing her quite a bit of pain. I guess this is where the licking comes in. She couldn't reach it to take care of it herself so she'd just sit there and lick. As she lickes she'd also kind of rock herself back and fourth on her bottom. The vet removed her tail last Wed. and she's doing good. I think she's going to be a LOT happier and so will we!

Just thought this information might be helpful to some of you if your bulldog is licking the air... Could be a tail problem that needs checked out. The cost for Sabella's tail removal was about $300, not sure what the "going rate" normally is but I've noticed that my vet here in OK doesn't charge as much as what some do in other states.

Best of luck to anyone with this problem.

Shelley in OK

tail removal

Hope the tail removal does the trick. Our old girl that died last summer used to lick the air for no apparent reason. She had a nice neat little tail so we never did know why she did it.

I had a tail removal done in Sept due to bad recurrent infections. The bulldog vet that I usually go to quoted me a price of $700 to $1000. I went to another bulldog vet for a second opinion (I didn't really think she needed her tail removed..well I was hoping anyways). Decided to have him do it. Cost was $600. This is northern IN & IL area.

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