Leptospirosis Vaccine

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Leptospirosis Vaccine

I took Roxy to board at a kennel last week while I was out of town & they insisted that she had to have Leptospirosis Vaccine. I had called Roxy's regular vet about this & they don't give it to dogs except if they are out in the woods a lot because they have had dogs have reactions to it.

Well, I couldn't get out of it at the kennel. They would not take her without it & I was hopping on a plane in 2 hours, so couldn't make other arrangements.

She was there for 5 days & when we got her home, she did not want to eat & when she did finally eat, she threw it all up 30 minutes later. Since it's the 4th, no one is open to call. She seems fine & I got her to eat a little food later in the day. I was wondering if anyone has experience with this vaccine & it's side effects?

Roxy always gets nervous when we take her to the kennel & it always takes a couple of days before she is back to her old self when we bring her home, but this seems more extreme than normal, so I was wondering if it could be the vaccine.

Any information is appreciated. Thanks.

My Maltese Gracie almost died from it.

She could barely walk...she would scream everytime you tried to touch her and she slept an awful lot....it was a very scary thing to experience. It took her about 36hrs before the effect faded.

same problem with my Roxy (no vaccine though)...

She was kenneled for 4 days and came home with loose stools that turned into bloody diarrhea several times a day. I thought the diarrhea was from stress, but it didn't go away. I put her on flagyl and canned i/d. Stool test was negative for bugs. She no longer has the diarrhea, but her stools are still soft.

Even though my Roxy came home happy and ate fine, I'll never kennel her again.

Maggie had the vaccine and she still got Lepto

Ever since then I have never given her the vaccine.

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Strange, they must have rodents or something

to require that vaccein.

I have given it, my mentor gives it to all her puppies. You can not give it to small puppies under 10lbs, it can be fatal.

Most i have heard of that had reactions were under the 10lb mark or have a hamppered immune system

Prob, just pissed at you and stressed. Has it been warm? If its warm out they will not eat like normal (most dogs)

Bosco, Bella, Breve' & Holly



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Re: Leptospirosis Vaccine

My dogs get the Lepto vac. because we live in the country, have standing water and a farm pond and there are LOT of wild and domestic critters. Over the years I've only had 1 dog have a reaction to the Lepto and it was a walnut sized lump at the injection site that took botu 4-5 weeks to go away.
Sounds to me like your dog is either stressed from the time away from you or was bothered by food or water she had while there and not a vaccine reaction.

Glad to hear she's doing better.

I know my dogs have lost appetite when its been hot also.

Roxy's Doing Better

Roxy is doing better now. I fed her 1/2 meals & that is working out fine. I will remember to do that in the future when we have to kennel her. It also got very hot here (over 100) while we were away, so maybe the heat was part of it, as well as her being nervous.

I am going to ask more questions at the kennel about why they insisted on the vaccine. We have kenneled there for 4 years & they have never done this before. I think that's weird. I was just in too much of a rush to get on the plane to ask more questions.

Thanks for all your comments.

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I know Hooch's derm advised us to NOT get this vaccine

esp. in a dog with allergies, but I'm not sure if these symptoms are vaccine-related. When did she get the vaccine? Did she vomit while at the kennel?

Kennel cough

Don't be surprised if she breaks with kennel cough soon. It's right around the incubation period and vomiting is one of the classic signs it's coming.

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Re: Leptospirosis Vaccine

Mine alwayas got over anxious when we went away,whenever we got back there were problems, diahrea, vomiting, growling around the other dogs, etc. Finally, we found someone to come over and stay with them and its been wonderful.

That is weird about the kennel

I worked at one for years(high dollar one too) and they knew that many people do not give the lepto vaccine. In fact I do not ever vaccinate pugs w/the DH"L"PP because they do have a high rate of reactions. I get the 4 way vaccine just DHPP It is in our adoption contract that Lepto is NEVER to be given to a pug that is adopted from us. I do agree though that the incubation time is likely passed and this is just going to pass. Bafles me though why the kennel THINKS they need this vccine. I wouldnot go back just on principal.

JennJ~ The Spina Bifida mommy





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I know that the lepto vaccine can cause side effects but...

I would think if she's been there for 5 days, however it affected her would be pretty much over. Maybe she was just nervous. Try feeding her some bland food, cooked rice and boiled hamburger and maybe give her a pepcid to settle her stomach. We don't do lepto shots here since we don't have a problem with it (Az) but I have heard of others having reactions. I'm not sure why a kennel would insist on that vaccine, I can understand rabies, paro and bordatello.

Kathy, Ollie and Chester

It sounds as though this is due to stress...

More so than as a side effect to the vaccine. I wouldn't expect her to react like this after 5-6 days. Dogs often drink quite a bit of water when they get home from boarding, and will vomit from that. We usually recommend feeding only half the amount of food for the first meal, and not to let the dog drink excessively when it gets home (I work in a boarding kennel). She may have been a bit more stressed due to another dog (or dogs) that were in her area.
I can't believe they require lepto! Rabies is state-mandated, but I know a lot of dog owners who refuse to give lepto due to the high incidence of side effects. The only other vaccine we highly recommend is the bordetella due to the numbers and proximity of dogs. If lepto is required at that kennel, I would wonder if they have a rodent problem??
You may want to try giving a pepto to settle Roxy's stomach, and maybe a bland diet for a day or two. Hope she's feeling better, soon!


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