lameness on back legs

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lameness on back legs

Hey everyone! Have not been on here for a while after I started my new job. Hopefully I can post more after my training.

Anyway, yesterday Toby was reaching for human food on a table and he turn his head and body in an awkward position. Then right after both his back legs started limping, like he has lost muscle control.

He is fine now this morning. His back legs appear normal again. But can any type of stretching in bulldogs cause lameness in their legs? I was thinking the worst like hip dysplasia. Or he generally has weak back legs? Because a while back, one of his back leg was strained.


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My boy was experiencing

My boy Brisket was experiencing the same type of "lameness" when he would overexert himself. I increased his Cosequin to two capsules a day instead of one. Since doing so, he has not had an instance of it. After his last well visit two weeks ago, all is fine, and he only gained 6 ounces from last year.

All the best, Al and Brisket

You can't go wrong with some glucosamine supplement

and there's a whole range of products you can and should consider including the less-expensive human variety from Costco or WalMart and give daily. It can take several weeks until it builds up in the system to begin to support cartilege repair in joints, and its not a "magic pill" but its worthwhile IMHO using. I have been giving it daily to all my bulldogs for the past 10-12yrs or more, not more than 1500mg tho. I don't like to go overboard on any one product, and I also give a daily canine multiple vitamin (PetTab) and have been doing that for about 30+ years. I think of those costs as "preventive maintenance". happy.gif

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I am hoping it is just a muscle pull.

He is not showing any sign of pain. As i mentioned earlier, he appears to be back to normal. It was scary yesterday as he was limping on both legs all of a sudden. 1 sec he is trying to get food, and 3 seconds later, he was limping.

I think I need to be get some type of supplement.


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Most likely a muscle pull or

perhaps some twisting of the spine causing some temporary nerve inflammation along the spine but in either case I'd say low activity for a few days, obviously limiting jumping that would jar any soreness/inflammation and if it doesn't clear out in a week or more, you may want to consult your vet. Young dogs often "pull something" with their horsing-around and we learn to give it a few days to mellow before going the vet route...unless, of course, he is pained with each lying/rising motion and you will know if that happens!

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Could be HD or a back problem

I would give him crate rest and if he is still limping in a few days, take him to the Vet for xrays.

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