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lame bulldog

our 11 month old bulldog has been lame in his front leg/shoulder for the past 3 weeks. the vet put him on medrol a steroid and we've added glucosamine/chondroitin with MSM this week.x-rays were normal except for a couple small bone lesions, which vet didn't seem concerned about and says it may just be "growing pains". if the steroids don't help he suggests we see an orthepedic specialist? our concern is his front leg is turning outwards and it slides out from under him as if he can't keep it in line when he walks on the hardwood floors.he doesn't show any sign of pain and will run and play with our other bulldog if we let him. we have been trying to confine him to rest and he's not happy about that and we are concerned .so any information or suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

Re: Lame bully . . .

Thanks for the information. He has not been on puppy food for 3 months and is on a good dog food. We will be checking with the vet about the dislocation although they didnt seem to think anything was out of place. Again, thanks to all who responded. We'll keep in touch.


Lame bully . . .

Hi Jane,
Has he been checked for a possible dislocation?? I know it sounds crazy, but we had a male that liked jumping on and off the couch, running like a madman, etc. He also started limping on his front leg, and we had him examined, x-rayed, the gamut. This went on for a few months and through a move. After the move we went to a new vet, who manipulated the leg, brought the shoulder around, and POP! good as new. You could almost hear the dog sigh with relief. Apparently the x-ray did not catch it because when the dog is laying down, the bone was laying in the socket so it looked correct.

Just a thought, but with the turnout and lack of control you're seeing, maybe something to ask your vet about before spending the big $$ with a specialist.


Is he still on puppy food....

If so...take him off & put him on a good adult food that's about 22% protein.

Puppy foods are high in protein and can caused forced bone growth which can be painful.

Good luck,

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I'm not much help. but.

I know someone here will have a lot of good information for you. My Brody had more hip problems than shoulder. and we had to do the crating and try to keep him as inactive as possible - I know that is hard when they are puppies. We also used the glucosamine. Hope you get him well soon.

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