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Itchy face

Hello there. My bully Lexis is almost 4. She has recently developed an itchiness on her face, around her eyes and her wrinkles. I try not to allow her to scratch it herself because her claws tend to break the skin. Any suggestions on what to use to ease the itching?

food allergy

We have a basset that we fed Beneful for probably eighteen months. He had ear infections continuously (as bassets do) and our vet suggested we try the Science Diet ZD (non allergen) food and to my amazement, he hasn't had an ear problem since. I'm not knocking Beneful, both basset and bullie like it, but the ZD did stop the ear problem. It's worth a try. Don

seems she is allergic to something

did you just chang food recently, give any new treats, etc. try giving her a benadryl and see if it helps. if not, she might need to go to the vet for the steroids shot which will relieve it alot.

new food

We visited at my sisters home over the Christmas holiday. She has a poodle and a daschund, they eat Benifull. Lexis would not eat her food at all while we were there! She kept "stealing" theirs! She had been eating Eukenuba Rice and Lamb from the time she was a pup until then. She still refused to eat her food when we returned home, so I bought the Benifull and it didn't seem to cause any problems. My husband read on here that changing their food can sometimes cause allergies. I switched back to the Eukenuba. I just let her sulk until she finally ate it. Took her about 10 hours to give in!
She eats it just fine now that was Sunday 2/11/07 that we went back to the Eukenuba. I have an appointment with a new Vet, that I found listed on this site as well, in the morning. I just can't stand to see her tearing at her pretty face!
I will try the Benedril this evening. Thank you so much for responding.

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