interdigital cysts

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interdigital cysts

just when my Bulldog's (Emmy Lou) interdigital cyst cleared up (Keflex 500 2x day + topicals) another one appeared on her other foot in the exact spot!

She's back on the keflex, soaking her toe in epsom salts and applying oxy 5 and neo-predef powder.
any other remedies you can think of?? why do these cysts Adminse????
keflex is sure expensive, but she's worth it!

we did the soak and the preporation H cream and Grissom's go awa

He has had them twice and it worked both times for us.... Make sure you really dry their paws after the soak Good luck

Great thanks a million Penny...

I hate it when they burst because it is so painful for her.  I will try this.  What a relief!


No, Preparation H will not keep them from coming back but if you catch them early, they never get to the stage that they are painful for them. The Preparation H shrinks them down as it is ment to do with hemorroids. But you can't soak the feet in Epsom Salts or do any treatments that would cause a cyst to come to a head or it would defeat your whole purpose of trying to shrink it down with the Preparation H cream. Do one or the other..Shrink them or bring them to a head and burst them.
If your dog licks his feet or the Preparation H cream on his foot, put a sock on his/her foot and wrap with a ace bandage ect..The Preparation cream wont hurt him but you want it to stay on the cyst to do it's job..

cyst treatment

i also use oxy5 for sensitive skin on Emmy Lou's toe cyst. (people acne medicine) it penetrates well and kills the bacteria that are encapsulated within the cyst. am trying the prearation H today and will follow up for the next few days. will report tomorrow.

Hmm did not know that I have problems with cyst as well...

Lulu has them daily.  I have tried everything, epsom salts help but you are right it does bring it to a head and it is very painful for her when the burst.  Does prep H keep them away or do you just use it when they pop up?  Thanks a million

toe soak

thanks! will try it this afternoon!
will let you know how it goes!!!!!

Epsom Salt soak treatments

is a way of to bring the cyst to a head and burst. Normally painful for the dog and messy for you. Rather than soaking in Epsom salts, try putting on Preperation H cream..This shrinks the cysts and it should be gone within 24 hours tops...

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