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All of a sudden two of the boys have terrible hot spots.  Never had this before with any of them, what do I do?  I have washed them with a medicated soap, then applied genesis spray to them.  How long do they take to dry up and go away?

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Gold Listerine....

The recommendation from MANY on this board was to use the original gold colored Listerine on a cotton ball.  Dab the hot spot with the Listerine and then dry it off.  Then apply some medicated Gold Bond powder to the spot.  I think do it twice a day and it should clear up pretty quickly.  Deuce had one and this cleared it up within a matter of a few days. 

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Thanks will get it today!

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You may want to shave

The area around the hot spot so that it can breathe.

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Vetericyn is a lifesaver!

I never used anything so amazing before! I first used it on my horse with a nasty fungus that i tried treating for almost 6 months with no luck unitl I found this stuff! I used it on Rosie a few times for some skin problems and BOOM gone! definitely worth it!




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