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Hot Spot on Tail

I have read several posts about hot spots and believe Otis has one on (or on the inside curve) of his tail. We gave him a bath last Friday and he started itching his bum on the carpet this week. Been cleaning his tail.area and applying desitin..thankfully he loves it...this evening while cleaning I saw a red/irritated/angy looking area on the tail. It also had a bad odor. Really got in there tonigt and cleaned it with peroxide and applied an antibiotic cream.

Ok...My question is...Should I run up to the store for Listerine/Gold Bond Powder tonight? Also...because the area is not an easy access....should I clean more/or less often?

Trust me...If this isn't much improved very, very soon we will be seeing our vet....I just don't want to overreact and rush him in if it isn't necessary.

Any help/suggestions will be very, very appreciated!!!

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over cleaning will take away the bad stuff as well as the

good stuff that fights infection. Clean with Listerine, dry and dust with gold bond foot powder (had an anti yeast agent)

you can also put a thin layer of yeast medication and powder too.

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