hot red stinky ears...??

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hot red stinky ears...??

Hi guys,
Wilbur has hot red ears and they are very stinky. Last week it was only one ear and It smelled like yeast so I put some diluted apple cider vinegar in it. Both ears now are red, hot and stinky, and the yucky stuff inside is yellow....any ideas? Is it a yeast infection? Is there any holistic treatments or do I have to use drugs? Any info is appreciated!

if it is red and smells

it's an ear infection. i would take to the vet in case he needs to be put on antibiotics. do not use any more vinegar, it will just cause it to burn more. clean the ear with very soft tissue with your finger that you can reach, then dampen a q-tip and squeeze out all the water, and go in and clean the ear softly, do not go all the way in. you will see lots of gunk. then ask the vet to prescribe this med called Ottomax you can buy online which is cheaper or get from the vet's ofvice, apply this on the ear as directed. I sometimes would let the q-tip soak in this med so i can go a bit farther down the ear instead of putting a few drops and rubbing it. this will reduce the redness and you can see this in a few hrs or the next day. Give the 2nd day or the 3rd day a break, but do check the ears. then repeat this process again.

have you had the ears cultured

if your worried about vets prescibing antibiotics just because..then i would have them culture the ears and see if its something that needs to be treated with an pseudomonus, resistant staph ect.....
a wash may not help depending on what it me privatly and I can send you some info.

Great...I really hate to

pump him with drugs, so if there is a wash or irrigant of some kind, I will be thrilled. I have had a heck of a time with vets not knowing enough about bulldogs and just prescribing something that not only doesn't take care of the problem, but isn't healthy. We recently moved back to a humid climate, and perhaps the moisture is a contributing other bully doesn't have this issue, in fact she never has. Thank you so much for the info. I will ask the vet for the wash on Monday!

warmest regards,

Thanks Elaine

I have an appt set for first thing Monday...I can't stand to see him uncomfortable on any level...

I use a holistic vet....

and the last time I was there my Cocker Spaniel (famous for ear problems) has THE MOST NASTY ear infection/yeast infection in one of his ears. My vet gave me Earigant Liquid from Frontier Pharmaceuticals

It worked so well that his ears were better in no time!

Good luck!

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Not well-versed in holistic meds but sounds very much

like a vet visit is in order...must be very painful for the dog if they are hot and red.

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