Hey Lynn K!

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Hey Lynn K!

Do you know any good trainers in Mesa Adminzona area...that would also be Tempe, even Phoenix...my son-in-law wants to try some performance work with his toy driven mix and he went to class when living in Long Island and was really disappointed...too many dogs in class, etc...not sure if he wants obedience first (good idea) and then agility or something...I gave him money to get him started on first class...she is a neat AmStaff/Lab mix from a shelter in LI and he is her world...but he also is not a natural trainer and does not listen, of course, to my daughter who does know how to train dogs...she is not as generally intuitive as she has only trained Shelties herself but also ran some 4-H classes but they were mostly the kids classes...that was her specialty...I was out there for a week and she can be a handfull and is totally sweet but spoiled. I just decided we'd have a nice week and keep my mouth shut...however, she sensed me being alpha and was much less needy and spoiled with me...no pulling on lead, just needed voice control...so I know he needs the training as much as she does...I must exude Alpha Rays...dogs love me but they also seem to behave in general better for me...timing and voice and body language must be a big key to it.
Their next dog after the Sheltie, Rescue Greyhound or their Mix, who is youngest, goes is a bully from me.
Even my 4 month old puppies listen to me so much better than my husband already...he gets so frustrated!
Lorraine Eyth


I was at the kitchen sink, and Larken jumped up to see what I was doing. My hubby was standing right beside me. I said, "Larken, down!"...........he immediately said....."down". I wondered when I switched from English to some foreign language that he felt he should interpret for me. Let me know when the class starts........I DO ship!!!



Couldnt find any in Tempe/Mesa but here are a few in Scotsdale

Brad Jaffe

Samantha Kabbel

Patti Booher

Training is always about the humans, the dogs will follow. It can be difficult sometimes to convince owners to be clear, consistent, pay attention to their dog while training and to stop talking. Dogs dont understand sentences. Thats what makes my classes entertaining for me, they are never the same.

Good luck with your son and husband. We often joke about starting a class just for men.

Lynn K

I'm telling you, a "husband class" would be full LOL. n/m


Thanks Lynn...

With our first bulldog, Agatha, I of course did regular manners and off leash control work just to be able to live with a dog. Well one day we were out in front yard with next door neighbor and Aggie started to wander down the lawn away from the house and towards the trailer park...my husband called her and started to run towards her to get her...so...like any sensible bully, she figured the fun was on..so she took off like a bully out of you know where with him in hot pursuit...when she got to my property line, about 350 yards away, I called from the front step "Agatha, NO, Come!"...and, as I was sure she would, she did a spin about face, took off at a run, past my husband on the way and came to a nice happy wiggly sit/stand/sit/stand/wiggle in front of me, smiling and huffing and puffing....HE was not amused!

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