HELP! Swollen gums (pic)

Simon has a large "raspberry" sized swelling over one tooth (upper canine). Here is a picture. i am waiting for my vet to call back to see if he should come in tonight or if it can wait. It looks terrible. he is eating and drinking and shows no sign of pain. it looks like abscess or (god forbid) a tumor. does this look like anything anyone has seen?

[linked image]

poor Simon.. looks painful

.. looks like infection to me but I'm no vet.. can you email these to your vet (or ask if you can when they call) for advice on urgency?

He might benefit from a complete tooth cleaning since it looks like there is some tartar/plaque on the canine and surrounding teeth.  It sucks cause you have to put them out for it but the risk of persistent infections could affect his whole system.  If it were me I'd do a complete clean and extract any bad teeth.

I'd also put a list together of any antibiotics (names, dosage and quantity) that you might have at home in case your vet feels it's appropriate to start him on antibiotics before bringing him in.  Not saying give him anything; just be prepared with the list.

Keep us posted.

Nelia Duarte

yes, you're right

his teeth DO need cleaning. i have them scraped at the groomers but I dont think that does much good. I spoke to the vet a few minutes ago & it sounds like "gingival hyperplasia", which is actually a side effect of the cyclosporine that he is on. (strange) So, they said no need for an urget visit b/c he is eating and acting normal. I will bring him in next week to have it looked at and maybe there is an alternative med for the cyclosporine. I hate the thought of putting him under, I had another bulldog's teeth scraped and it was the best thing I ever did for his bad breath!! thanks happy.gif

if he will tolerate it..

you can scrape off most of that stuff yourself. I have a little tool I ordered online. You can get some of it off with gauze on your finger. The brown stuff will chip off.

Don't know about the gums. Doesn't look urgent to me. I'd wait until tomorrow to take him to the vet.

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looks like a bad case of gingivitis.....

that growth is just a growth not cancerouse...he does need some dental work and that k9 tooth may need to be extracted....wasnt sure if i was seeing food or pus on that should get on some antibotics before dental work since his gums are so inflammed....but i would not hestitate to get to the vets this week dental diease can casue kidney failure...

it is called epulis, a common tumor

moms 9 yr old has it. his teeth don't look that bad. it doesnt seem to bother him.

Ruby had something similar if not the same thing

and I strongly recommend you get it removed and biopsied. If it's the same as Ruby's it won't stop growing and there can be more you don't see. It can be a pre-cancerous growth. I thought Ruby had 4 but when I took her in to get them removed there were 10!! Thankfully no cancer but I have to check her mouth regularly now.

It may be nothing but it may be something. But if it were me I'd have it removed and checked for cancer cells.

great advice

we are seeing the vet this week and will most likely be set up with a dentist at the same hospital. I never noticed how bad his teeth were until this weekend. I wonder if the plaque can build up quickly over a short period of time or if I just never noticed it. Regardless, he will have a complete mouth exam soon. Thanks for all of the great info!! Any other opinions or experiences is welcome!

Had one years ago & it was a polyp, they left it alone...NM