Help, Puppy Gasping for air

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Help, Puppy Gasping for air

Help, my 14 day old puppy was eating and just started gasping for air. When I pulled her off mom it she acted like she was choking and is now just opening her mouth and gasping with a little cry. Please help, I really hope I am not losing her.

Re: Help, Puppy Gasping for air

Thank you, she is doing ok now. I am going to watch her very closely and probably take her in to the vet Monday morning just so they can look her over.

Thank you

Thank you, she is doing better today. She is not gasping for air but is not as active as the others. I am still going to take her in tomorrow and have her looked at. It may be nothing, but i would rather not take any chances.

Tried to respond to your post late last evening

but the site 'shuts down' for incoming messages around midnight on West Coast for maintenance?!!

Re: Help, Puppy Gasping for air

Remove fluids from nose and throat - do this by using the bulb syringe - still having trouble - Take pup in hands and from shoulder to knee gently swing it downward with its head pointing down to help drain any fluid.. She may of aspirated into lungs so you are going to need to watch out for pneumonia.. good luck

Re: Help

Did you think of taking the puppy to your local emergency vet office!!?
Gasping for air sounds serious. No oxygen = brain damage.

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