Helen R DeAmicis.......or Nicole L - are you out there???

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Helen R DeAmicis.......or Nicole L - are you out there???

I took your advice and had Biscuit's urine checked this morning, turns out he has Oxalate Crystals. Have you, or has anyone ever heard of this? The vet explained he would have to go on a low ash diet for the rest of his life, to hopefully allieviate any of these crystals. I was trying to put Biscuit on the BARF diet in the past, but gave up because I found it too much work. Do you think the BARF diet would be better for him? He is now on Pro Plan Puppy, which is most likely the same price as the food the vet suggested (sorry I forgot the name). Thanks in advance..........Michelle M

Hi Helen

If Biscuit has crystals in his urine, and I switch him to Walthams dog food, in your opinion does the food reduce the risk of stones forming. In other words is there hope that we are past this episode, and can move on, maybe never have another problem? Or, are chances relatively high that we will deal with this again and again? Thanks for your input, very much appreciated.

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Hi Michelle Hope you can find something to help you and Biscuit

That's O.k.....thanks for taking an interest



Proin is P.P.A, what they changed was the chemical formulation so that the vet version can't be turned into Crystal Meth. It was a tablet before now it is a chewable form...geez sorry! Brain freeze for a second there.

Proin vs P.P.A.

The product pulled off the market was Phenylpopanalamine based (P.P.A.), Proin is a different formulation and is much safer. The one pulled was the exact same active ingredient that is in Dexatrim diet pills.

Re: Thanks Nicole L

Michelle- If you find success will you post or e-mail me directly? I'd be really interested if you find something.

We have good days and not so good days and I am not keen on having him on medication for incontinence as it was pulled from the market for use in humans due to some nasty cardiovascular side effects and fatalities. Without it though I need to have stock in the enzymatic carpet cleaning solution companies...I'm thinking about now that we're established on the diet to try going without the med and see what happens.

Thanks Again.

Sorry but there is no magic answer for this

I ended up getting the dog of mine that had these little stones/crystals neutered and the vet made a new opening for his urethra underneath where the testicles had been. This really helped as the new opening was larger and the stones just came out through it when he urinated. His stones kept blocking his penis and he was operated on 3 times prior to the neuter as he swelled up horribly from the urine being blocked.

Re: Urocit-K

Thank you very much Jessica-I've got it written down. I'm really motivated to find anything to help him as I had hoped this might be a short term thing as he had just come to me as a rescue out of Florida. I am not crazy about having him on the Proin although the vet said it has no side effects in dogs (but was taken off the market by the FDA to no longer be used in humans due to cardiovascular effects especially STROKE) It worries me to death..but due to the crystals without it he leaks constantly and lets loose while he's just standing-No UTI but even got a course of Clavamox to cover him. Again I'd hoped to have a real short course of this but the vet said he would recommend at least another 2 or more months...I will continue to pursue this as he will be 4 in July and I hate to see him on meds etc. for the rest of his life. Thanks Again..

Thanks Kathy......

I don't live anywhere near a petsmart.....sigh. I need to move to the big city! By the way, I assume oscar and oreo are your dogs ......just wanted to let you know I love their names.

Thanks Jessica I will call them tomorrow and inquire n/m


Thanks Nicole L

Please don't apologize for a long note. I appreciate the advice and hands on experience with the same problem. I was shocked like you.........I was only thinking behavioral not medical. My vet suggested Waltham as well, however I might go back to the BARF diet - which I hope will eliminate any more crystals from forming (fingers crossed). Thanks again for sharing.....


Urocit-K is designed specifically to battle the "O" type stones and or crystals. Look into this with your vet it is well worth it!

You can get the Waltham S/O at Petsmart...

if you get a prescription card. It's cheaper there than the vet's office.

AH-Crystals indeed...

Michelle this is the EXACT thing I have been battling with my rescue Max. He has been on the prescription food S/O (Waltham) along with 50mg. of Proin twice a day due to the incontinence. This started well over a month ago and we have our good days and our bad days. It too is looking to me that Max will forever have to be on this special food (which is VERY expensive and only available through the vets office). He'll be fine for a while then all of a sudden he'll start wetting his bed especially at night but if you watch him its definately not a marking thing but he just stands and the urine flys out of him. He's so ashamed and runs like crazy. He simply can't control it sometimes (the vet said the overload of crystals can cause the urethra to "stay open" and when they lay for a long period of time and the bladder gets full it will overflow and leak. It is VERY frustrating but I wrap his bedding in a shower curtain then wrap it with nice crib sheets so it is fluffy and soft then place it in the Perla bed. Sorry so long-I don't know about any other food than the S/O (perhaps Helen who is very knowledgeable might have more info that could help both of us with this problem). I had hoped this was going to be a "short term" problem but it doesn't seem like it to me. Again sorry so long...so glad you found out what it was..I too thought what in the world? like a behavior thing but Max had no history and was so ashamed when it occurred. Like I said he soaked my couch...egads..glad it came clean and no stinkola!!! Good Luck!!

Someone on the board just had this problem I think..

do a search and see if you can find it. Make sure to search both boards and also do a search on bullytin.. Good luck!

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