heavy breathing when sleeping PUPPY

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heavy breathing when sleeping PUPPY

My new puppy (13 weeks) seems to be breathing heavy durning his naps and when he sleeps. I just dont know if it is more than normal. How do I tell? Also he seems to sleep more than normal. This is my secong bully and he is otherwise very healthy,but very diffent than my other bully.
The vet seems to think he is fine, but has not seen him sleep yet.
I have read alot on the forum, but not sure if i am just over causious.
Any input is welcome. THANKS IN ADVANCE

No two bullies are alike!

We got a second b/c Pudgie was so perfect...quiet, obeyed commands, housebroke easy, calm. Then we got Daisy. I swear they are total opposites for EVERYTHING. One eats, the other won't eat, one loves rides in the car, the other hates them. One is clingy, one is not. One loves watching dog shows on TV, the other doesn't. One snores, the other does not. One loves being in her crate, the other one acts like we're torturing her and whines and cries. One was easy to housebreak, the other WAS NOT.

Enjoy the puppy!

my bullies all have different personalities

i have some sleepers and some with super human powers that never sleep. keep an eye on him but lots of bullies sleep very deeply and snore.

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