Health issues and white bulldogs....

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Health issues and white bulldogs....

Would like anybody's experience on raising white bulldogs, especially conerning white bulldogs. Not albinos, white or mostly white bullies (90% white). Is it true they have lots of skin or health issues?


the only thing I have heard about white dogs....

not just bullies, is that they tend to lose their hearing or could be born deaf. My vet had told us that when I had Zoey (white with spots) there once.

But, both Cain and Zoey are white, I have no more issues with them then with any of the other bulldogs that I have seen/dealt with in rescue.

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because of the light coat but any dog with a thin coat can burn. No extra issues due to color

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I haven't heard that white bulldogs are more prone to skin aller

that other colored bulldogs, but I have heard that they have more of a tendency to be deaf.

Michelle, Helen, Penny, Spanky and Faye pup

Reason for question.....

I had 2 vets that someone I studded to used and that's what they said. My vet doesn't agree but
I guess I wanted info from true owners. I just had a litter with 4 pups white or mostly white and if it was true (which I'm not convinced it is) I wanted to make sure the new owners knew about it. Thanks for all of your input.


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Re: Health issues and white bulldogs....

Our 7 year young all white Bullie Queen has been wonderful.
She did have cherry eye repair when she was around 16 weeks young, but, besides that 100% healthy. happy.gif

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Onslow is healthy

but we do have seasonal allergies which can happen with lots of dogs, any color really. =D

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Oldest 9 and then 7 and then 6 and then 3.

I have a white bully too..Gus

although he has no skin issues and is in good health..
he is deaf
he picked up the white deaf gene..
something to watch out for with white dogs of any speices.

White bulldogs

I currently have 2 all white male bulldogs, ages 9 and 10.   They have beautiful coats, no health issues and have never had skin issues.

Beth Handrick
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Re: Health issues and white bulldogs....

I have a beautiful all white CH male with no skin allergies..and no health issues. None of his pups have any health issues. I have one of his puppy males I'll be showing and eventually breeding with and I have no concerns about health issues. Colleen

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Strange question,...what would make you think white bulldogs hav

than any other colour?

There is no correlation between health and colour.

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I have had a white

My first bully was all white. He never had skin issues.
My present boy Mr. Higgins is mostly dark brindle and has had ongoing skin issues.

white bulldogs

I have far so good..all have been fine.


What are their ages?


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My Ollie is white with freckled ears...

he's never had skin problems, has a great coat. I feed him grain free. He did have a mast cell tumor removed a few months ago, I'm told that white bullies are more prone to them, they are like skin cancers. I try to limit his sunbathing.

Kathy, Ollie and Chester

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