Green tripe?

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Green tripe?

I've been doing some reading on Green Tripe. I've heard the stuff smells wretched but apparently it is very healthy for a dog and can help with dog's with sensitive tummies, digestion issues, etc. Has anyone used it and is it something worth looking into?

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We do the same....

the Blueridge Beef company I get my frozen cubs from has green tripe, I have a cub of it in the freezer as we speak, aparently a lot say the ground isn't as near as smelly as the canned and fresh/frozen

plus they also have a beef complete product that has trip, organ & bone in it - will be stocking up on that next order! LOL

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Green tripe

Very good food for dogs, allthough it smells badly (be carefull if you defrost in the microwave, if it gets too warm the smell is even worse!).

It contains lots of vitamins, greens, meat, (good) bacteria, in a form a dog can digest easily (may be you've seen wolves and other predators go for the belly of the catched cow/deer etc? - they go for the intestines first!).

It is low in calories, you'll need twice the amount compared to meat (we used to feed our old Bulldog, as a way of weightwatchers - and he loved it!).

Zorro gets it defrozen and dried as a treat.

Good stuff!

Ineke and Zorro

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We have been feeding green tripe for quite some time now

its great stuff and the dogs love it.

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We're going away to Florida next week but I might consider trying it when we get back!

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I can see it be helpful..

it is chucked full of good stuff for dogs
yes smells something terrible..
but my dogs do get it for a treat here and there
I would just give a bit to Tuffy at a time..and see how he likes it
does not harm a dog and they love it

re: green tripe

I just found a supplier who grinds meat, organs and green tripe for raw food.
We ordered a months worth of food from him and have just started incorporating it into Stella's food with plans to feed her that as her main food once she shows no signs of having issues with it.
I also supplement her with omegas, glucosomine and a multi vitamin.
I will be adding some eggshells to it for calcium.

I will let you know if anything comes up with it.

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Tiffany and Stella

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