foaming at the mouth

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foaming at the mouth

about an hour ago, we noticed lola was slightly foaming at the mouth. i noticed she was deliberatly shaking her head like shewas trying to shake the foam off. she did not seem stressed or sick at all and we called our vet who told us to clean out her mouth and give her a little lemon juice. she's perfectly fine now, but we cannot figure out what might have brought this on! if anyone has had any experiences like this i would really appreciate any info! thanks

Just a guess

Did you use any product like advantage? The flea control has a chemical in it that tastes very bitter and makes them foam so that they cant eat it. If he licked some, then it would do it. I had it happen to a cat once and he foamed and shook his head. Just a shot in the dark- hope you figure it out


I gave Major a bully stick for the first time to see what would happen...WELL....he swallowed the entire thing before my eyes (gulp! Panic!.) I stuck my finger down his throat and pulled it back up. Well, my point is, there was a whole lot of foam, before and after. I think it is from chewing and maybe regurgetating(sp.)If she isn't seizing, I wouldn't worry about it.


No expert but...

It seems like bulldogs foam on the drop of a dime. My husband was putting some metholatium on his arm. Jez just took a sniff, ran across the room and foamed up like Old Yeller. Another day she got hold of something, I still do not know what it was, and was again foaming. It almost seems like anything that doesn't agree with her senses will send her into a foaming fit.


Sometimes I've noticed both our guys doing this after eating a treat or drinking or licking feet. It's never much and it doesn't happen very often. I haven't worried about it.

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