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Fly Biting

Hello everyone. This is my first time to post or to read this message board. We have a 13 month old english bulldog, Henry. He is the perfect and most beautiful dog! A week ago, Henry started fly biting. We took him to the vet & was told he may have epilepsy. But then we were called back & told he had a bacterial infection. So, Henry has been antibiotics for 4 days. Last night he had an allergic reaction to the medicine. He broke out in red hives. He looked like he had the chicken pox. So the medicine has been discontinued. We go back to the vet on Thursday for more blood work. Oh, he also had head shakes about once every 3 weeks for some time. Has anyone ever heard of this? Does anyone have any advice?? Do you all think Henry is in pain or being bothered by the fly biting episodes?? Any information/advice would be so appreciated. I have been so worried about Henry for almost a week now. Thank you all so much!!

Fly biting-Thanks for the advice!!

Thanks so much for the advice. I clean Henry's tail everytime he goes! I know that sounds silly, but I don't want him to be smelly. So, I am not sure if that is it. But he seems to be better today. Although the unsual behaviors only seem to happen at night! Our vet has had me keep a record!! We go back to the vet tomorrow so hopefully we will find out something! I will let you all know.


I would have to go along with Jacinda on this

issue..I think your dog might have a tail pocket..Is this where the infection is ? his back end ? Most times, licking the air is because their pocket is infected or so dirty it's close to being infected.
And the head shakes is quite common in Bulldogs and 99% of the time is just a matter of giving him some maple syrup, kero syrup, a piece of candy once a day or something high in sugar to get his blood sugar level up. Feeding him more frequent meals will also help with low blood sugar. I have a dog with epilepsy and what your describing is nothing like a seizure or even a mild seizure. Most times, with a mild seizure a dog will spread it's front legs to stablize it's self and their body will be shaking or very tense, especially the front legs. Then the head is lowered to the ground and might seem like it's bobbing and swaying from side to side at the same time with the head hanging almost on the ground. Mine will suck air in, almost like you would do if you stubbed your toe. He has a very distant look and acts as if your not even there, even when calling his name, talking to him or petting him. Another thing, when they have a seizure their temp. will really soar high and their blood sugar level plummets..You could take his temp right after one of his episodes and see if it is elevated to rule out seizures..
I do think he's going to be fine. You will need to find out if he has a tight tail or a tail pocket and learn how to care for that and give him a piece of hard candy every day..

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Ok exactly how does he act when he is fly biting? Does he sit and twist from side to side and lick "air"? My girl does this when her tail pocket is dirty. There is a great article on head shakes on the BDW homepage under the health topic. Good luck with your boy and please don't be a stranger. I hope you will also visit Forum 1 and post some pics of your boy, I would love to see some.

Kelly, glad you found BDW.....YGM from me!

Hi! Welcome, I'm kind of new to BDW myself and I can tell you that you are going to feel right at home here. BDW is the best of the best and most everyone here is happy to help with whatever is needed if at all possible and I just know you are going to love it here just like I do. I emailed you and I think the subject was...Happy to help from Dare At BDW or something like that. Hang in there, I'm sure all sorts of help is headed your way and your darling bulldog will be feeling great and zooming around again in no time! Sincerely, Dare

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