First Heat

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First Heat

Can you tell me at what age does a normal female have her first heat? My female will be 1 year in 2 weeks and she hasn't had her first heat. The only other dog that we have is a spayed beagle. Any info would be appreciated.
Thanks from Lorraine B. and Splashie

Bring her up to my house in a week or so....

I believe by then they will all be in heat and usually that brings the others into heat....I have one bitch XENA,who lives with another family and I am taking back to breed and she is coming today and I will start hormone testing on her....she will probably bring Angie and Haley into heat too...then we should start with the "porno conga" lines throughout the house...time to pick up the rug and double sheet the furniture! And spend a small fortune at my vet while we do progesterone test after progesterone test...Xena and Haley are being bred to Atlas so I can get him here whenever I need him...but Angie is getting bred to nice Ch. dog in Indianapolis....I may just take a trip out there with her since we had a good size litter last time with her with a fresh AI instead of a smaller litter with a shipped AI...of course timeing is everything!!!! My vet will smile ear to ear when he sees me walk in with the first of my girls....I bet he can hear a cash register go off in his head...but he likes to do surgery so he is very reasonable with the C-sections.
Lorraine Eyth
Hi Splash! Don't worry it will happen soon enough

Lorraine E - O/T...

It was good to meet/see you yesterday. While driving home I was thinking that we may have met before--in Syracuse in March...were we in the ring together then?
Love them Bulldogs!

panties with pads

Mag comes into heat every 5 months. She has ugly denim panties from pet smart that you put a pad in. FUn FUN FUN. Occasionally, she'll take her panties off and eat the pad.

It will happen...eventually.

Some are early, some late. Not to worry. When it gets here you'll wish it hadn't. Messy, messy, messy!


Re: re:It will happen

Don't expect the worst...Splashie just might not mind wearing the panties. I've been using the squatty body size Seasonals that I got from and they stay on just fine. There is another company called Fidogear that has a panty that looks nicer. I used to just keep Beulah confined to the kitchen and wipe up after her, and that really wasn't the worst thing either. Buzi didn't go into heat until she was 13 months old....and she just finished her 2nd heat...15 months later! Her mother was regular every 7 months. They sure do vary in their patterns.
Love them Bulldogs!

re:It will happen

Can you give me any tips on going through heats with Bulldogs? I have been through heats with Chows but I have learned that the two breeds are so different in personality. I can just imagine trying to keep panties on Splashie. Should be fun!!
Thanks for any info from Lorraine B. and Splashie

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