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Female issues...

Hello, my name is Alley and I live in south florida. I adopted Ellie from a south florida bull dog rescue with no history. It looks to me like she was used for a puppy mill. the info I got in regard to her age was 2? 3? all the way to a "geriatric canine"! I have taken her to the vet and her health is good except for dry eye. I am using closporin II but the condition does not seem to be getting better. My vet says it is the only med to use on her eyes. I thought maybe someone on this site may have another suggestion.... any suggestions would be appreciated.

Now to a rather sensitive subject. Ms. Ellie love to lick which is fine, but the licking seems to be "foreplay"! She then goes into a "humping" frenzy and drags her bottom on the carpet. How, embarassing! As I said she has been checked out by the vet (a vet that has personally owned a bullie). Can anyone out there enlighten me on this behavior. I hate scolding her, she is living in the lap of luxury, I am sure, compared to where she came from. I have owned many different breeds in my life time but this bullie is my heart of hearts!

Responses welcomed!

check her tail to make sure it is clean

if not clean with a diaper wipe.

congrats on being owned by a bully. Her humping is not about sex but being the top dog in the house over you and everyone. Distract her like get her to play or snuggle.


you may have to clean her area regularily

with antibacterial soap like hibitane, diluted in water. I have to wash Nelson's area regularily.
Unless a dog can reach its own, its our job to do it to keep them comfortable. Also the tail thing, it gets a kleenex wipe everytime he poops but a proper, baby wipes, and then dry and sometimes zinc cream, daily.

Dry eye (Bit long !)

Marsha had a cherry eye fixed when she was a puppy which resulted in the tear duct not functioning properly, it didn't really cause any problem until she got scratched on the eyeball which turned into an ulcer.
Forever after the ulcer had healed there was a opaque area on her eyeball and almost continual infections because there wasn't enough tears to flush out the eye.

I started to use Optimmune about 3 months ago, the eye is much wetter as it stimulates the gland to produce more tears, and the opaque area is almost gone.
It isn't the cheapest medication in the world but it works for my Princess so cost doesn't matter.

As for the scooting around on her tush, sore/dirty under tail, anal sacs full or infected, or even itchy genitals if she has been used for puppymill breeding she may have a sexually transmited disease, personaly I'd take a trip to the vet and get her girly bits checked.

Lynn (UK)

We use Optimune for dry eyes...

and make sure her tail area is clean and dry, it might be itching her. Also, her anal sacs could be full and bothering her.

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