Eye Problems

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Eye Problems

Help! Has anyone had a problem with corneal edema or uvietis? Any advice on long term use of prednisolone or dexamethasone eye drops? My bully is 4 years old and we have been battling this for a year and getting nowhere.She sees a vet opthamologist but now the eye drops are causing damage. I am so upset she is the sweetest little girl.

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Re: Eye Problems

i would get a 3rd opinion! long term use of steroids, even every other day, can cause many problems!

here is the site to find a holistic vet in your area...call them first, make sure you are comfortable.

good luck,

Eye Problems

Thanks for responding. I got a second opinion from another specialist and got a different diagnosis that it was an immune problem and to use 5 mg pred tablet every other day and prednisolone eye drop 2 x a day. That just caused me more confusion. Thanks for the holistic vet suggestion I will look for one. It's a comfort to know there are caring people out there.I'm sure the prednisolone has caused more damage already.Also why do vets not understand the feelings that alot of us have for our dogs? They wouldn't be in business if it weren't for caring owners.

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Re: Eye Problems

a second opinion from a holistic/homeopathic vet may be a good idea, do you know of any in the area? even a second opinion from another eye specialist?

long term use of any type of steroid is not good. i'm sorry i can't be of any help, i hope your bully feels better.



Immuneproblems are not uncommon in Bulldogs. In fact, dry eye is an immuneproblem. Homeopatic vets can do a lot for immuneproblems, which can help the eyeproblem.

My old guy Charly was on medication with Prednison in it (Cortaphen)for severe artrosis in the elbow. He had a dry eye aswell. When he was 8 years old we visited a acupuncture/homeopatic vet, who did a lot of good for our guy. In fact, this vet gave him another 3 years of good life!

The acupuncture treatment made it possible to lower the dose of Cortaphen down to 3 a week. She told us, that had she seen Charly earlier she could have done a lot of good for the eye aswell.

We changed the following: down to 50% senior food (in stead of 100%), high doses of vitamine C, lots of green in his food (she told us to feed him "dirtier", tripe, vedges etc), if possible we let him swim. Generally it was an improvement!

So, even if an hollistic vet can't cure the eyeproblem, he can do a lot for his overall health, which benefits the eye.

By the way, to swich to prednisolon every other day is a very normal advice, it makes it possible to make a dog last way longer on prednison.

i am so sorry to hear but

i have not experience this problem. i am sure someone else can help. i hope your 4 year old feels better. i know for me i get distress when sadie is not well.

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