Eye Goop----------------Advice PLEASE

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Eye Goop----------------Advice PLEASE

Bubba has been having major eye goop lately. Last time he had thi issue, he had allergies. He was fine up until last September 2008 when he developed his allergies, I figured out it was his food, changed it and he was fine. Now I'm wondering what the heck he could be allergic to? Any thoughts about the eye goop? Could it be something else? Thanks

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try some Reresh liqiigel drops

in his eyes twice a day. If it gets better then he probably has developed dry eye. Alot of Bulldogs over the age of 5 can develop dry eye.
You can pick it up at Walmart, also Gentel is a good one.

If it gets worse then he may have an ulcer that needs to be treated.

Rhiann @ Butlerbullz

Could be weather-related

If you've had lots of windy weather lately, or if you've recently turned on artificial heating (furnace, fireplace) those could cause some 'dryness' in the air and result in eye goop from a borderline dry-eye candidate. Have you tried using artificial tears or ointment? I would give that a try, 3-4xday (ointment is especially beneficial at night, when there's less blinking; only need 1/4 to 1/2inch strip laid in bottom eyelid "well") and if that doesn't help, have the vet examine him for entropion or distichia, both of which would cause some irritation/hairs rubbing on the cornea resulting in diminished useful tears...altho sometimes these conditions cause production of excess tears too. Lastly, consider whether this dog is on any medications, especially antihistamines which will 'dry out' body fluids including tear production. Sometimes its frustrating when antihistamines help with skin itch/redness but cause some dry-eye...tho its easier to supplement the tears than stop the itch! If none of these apply, then it coud be allergies and that is often the answer when no other answer is found.

Kathy Chester Newman and Jessa's picture

It possibly could be dry eye...

that can cause eye boogers and goop. Your vet can tell with a simple test. If it is, they need to be treated every day with eye meds. Just a thought.

Kathy, Ollie and Chester

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