Eye boogers?

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Eye boogers?

Does anybody know why all the sudden my puppy is waking up with eye boogers? It is only there when he wakes up in the morning. Is this similar to humans having "sleep in their eyes" or is this something I should be concerned about and possibly treating?

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Can't say if its your problem but the only time Vanna

does this is when she has anything with chicken in it. Have to stick to Lamb with her. Fish doesn't work either cause she gets the poops. Very limited diet around here.

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Re: Eye boogers?

I have an 8 month old bully, he has been waking up with eye boogers since we got him. HIs are usually dark brown. They are pretty gross, especially if you kiss him in the morning , sometimes you get one on your face! Other than that I think they are pretty normal, as long as everything else about his eyes looks ok, I wouldn't worry about. By the way I asked my vet about it and she said some dogs are more prone to it that others, and it is just like sleep in a persons eyes.

Typical of a light allergic reaction...its Springtime...

well, in parts of the country its early Springtime at least, and trees and shrubs are flowering so there's lots more pollen in the air and some dogs react to this by getting runny eyes, goopy discharge, and even some clear nasal discharge, much as we do. The best way to treat this is to dilute the goop with 1-2 drops of artificial tears (NOT the get-the-red-out products) and then just wipe away the excess, but be sure to not wipe away all the moisture! If in doubt whether you have wiped away too much moisture from the eye to be comfortable, I recommend finishing with one additional drop of tears so the eye looks shiny and moist without having overflow tears. You may need to do this 2-3 times a day when the season is in full-bloom, and in California we do this also on SantaAna windy days too.

eye boogers

some time this is a dry eye problem contact your vet i have a pug with the same thing and she gets drops that help

eye buggers

dry eye syndrome sometimes surgery or just meds get a good vet

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