Excessive drooling

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Excessive drooling

We've noticed that Tiffy has been drooling excessively these past couple of days, but only from the left side of her mouth - dripping like a faucet. She's never done this before. Should we be concerned? So far, she's eating well, her stools are normal, and she comes when called.

I ask because I know that dogs can suffer strokes and other neurological disorders. My husband doesn't want to take her into the vet yet because he thinks I'm making too big a deal out of it. Thought I'd check with you guys first.

L & T

Dozer does this, too

He does this occasionally. Some one said it can be caused by an upset stomach.

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I will check her mouth thoroughly

she tends to play rough with her chew toys.


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Could be a few reasons

allergies, nausea, perhaps a bad tooth? Did you look closely inside that side of the mouth to see if you can see anything?


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