Epi-Pen for dogs?

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Epi-Pen for dogs?

Does anyone know if you can get something like an epi-pen for dogs? Morgan was stung by something last night, probably a bee, and her whole face swelled up. This is the second time this has happened. I would like to have something on hand to use just in case so we hopefully won't have to make any more emergency Vet visits.

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I think your vet will have a better choice of which steroid

to have you use, but the Pred obviously worked in this instance. There is always concern about people using Pred and then stopping it "cold turkey" which is hard on the kidneys, so be sure you talk this over with your vet.

Benadryl doesn't work well enough

She needs something extra too help with the swelling and inflamation.


We live in the country too and we're about 20 miles away from the nearest Vet. I will discuss this with my Vet.

Elaine, do you think Prednisone would be OK to give?

I have some Prednisone that is 5 mg and I gave her one along with benadryl. I knew from previous experience that benadryl alone would not help. I called my Vet but he was out of town and did not return my call. I then called the emergency Vet and she said not to give the pred but, I did anyway. I gave her another Prednisone several hours later and another the next day.

The Prednisone worked and she was back to normal the next day. I am going to discuss all of this with my Vet in a couple of days so that I will be better prepared in case this happens again.

Yes absolutely I have one you will have to

have your vet give you an RX to take to your pharmacy costs run between 65 to 85 dollars depending on the pharmacy so shop around for the best price. The amount that is dispensed in the Epi-Pen is based on the dogs weight. I also have IM benadryl on hand. We live in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains and if my dog stops breathing due to an allergic reaction I will not be able to get the dog to the vet in time. Once the dogs throat starts to swell you need something to give IM you will obviously not be able to give the dog any thing PO (by mouth). We have bees, scorpions along with copperhead and rattlesnakes so I have to be prepared.

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Just put some vinegar on it

Re: Epi-Pen for dogs?

How about benadril

Re: Epi-Pen for dogs?

I believe epi-pens are by prescription only.

 NJ, PA, DE & MD.

You can have your vet make up one...

with Benedryl and a bit of Valium (to calm excitement) if you have concerns about your dog's strong reaction to bee stings. I know of one gal who had her vet make up one with a mild dose of broncho-dilator as well as valium to use on a dog that has hyperventillated/overheated in the past and I think this would be especially useful to have a syringe (epi-pen)of this type for a dog with a stenotic (narrow) trachea.

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Thanks Elaine

I have an appointment tomorrow.

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