Ear Infections

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Ear Infections

It seems like my 3 year old bulldog has kept an ear infection. I have tried everything, switching food from all natural chicken and rice to duck and potatoe, going from medicine to medicine and it always comes back or really never goes away. Does anyone have any suggestions that work, surgery is my last option? I do not want to put him under anesthesia again, he had the soft palate surgery when he was about 1 and it went well but still worried me really bad. I would appreciate any and all suggestions. Thank you, Georgia & MOE!

Someone very recently suggested using a

product called Zymox Otic. I ordered it as my dog has an over abundance of yellow ear gunk that I have to clean daily. He has been treated several times by my Vet for yeast infections in his ears. Last night was the first I tried the Zymox Otic. I also got the Zymox ear cleanser as the directions said not to use the Zymox with any other ear cleaner as it would cause the product to be less effective. The Zymox Otic and the Zymox Ear Cleanser cost around $28.00. When I went to clean his ears tonight (which I have done nightly for many years), there was nothing to clean !!! This stuff is the best stuff I have tried..Its says on the bottle "Aids in the treatment of acute and chronic otitis exterma due to bacterial and yeast infections..It has 1% hydrocortisone in it. The Ear Cleanser say's its has Antibacterial Enzymes and it cleans and protects problem ears..

Ottomax worked for us

it's like a medicated vaseline. it cleared up moops goopy ears nicely.

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good for "external" infections

Yes, I believe that the Zymox is a good product and will help with "external" infections, ie, ones that have not reached the "middle ear". If the dog has had repeated or long-lasting ear infections however, the problem may have reached that middle-ear location and oral antibiotics may be needed in addition to oral steroids if the canal is swollen, restricting access to this middle ear portion. I know because I'm dealing with that with my male...too much swelling and scar tissue in the canal from repeated infections over the years to where drops are no longer effective as they were several years back (when I used baytril/cortisone drops Rx'd by my vet). So what I'm suggesting is that if drops (topical medications) don't seem to be effective, its definitely time to see the vet for another approach to the infection.


You're too funny, Elaine! But I surely do hope it works for you.

Thank you, Susan. Maybe I wasn't patient enough.

I'll go back and try the Zymox again, even if I can't get it down in the canal, and try to work it in while administering oral a/b's...even us "old dogs" need to be taught a few new tricks!

The (Former) King of the Ear Infections

Hi! Our rescue Herscel had chronic ear infections for the first six months we had him. His former owners did little to treat his problem for MANY years. Zymox solved most of our problems, combined with regular cleaning with Epiotic. However, what finally stopped all the itching was ALLERGY MEDICATION. We put him on a basic allergy med and it calmed the swelling in his inner ear that was leading to the infections in the first place. It was an environmental allergy - not food.

I suggest discussing the allergy possibility with your vet if you have chronic ear infections!

Thank you!

Thank you all for all of your information and help! I just looked at all of bulldogs rx's and he hasn't tried zymox so I am going to call my vet and tell him we want to try this. Thanks Again!

The Zymox Otic is for inner ear too..

I used it recently on a rescue dog. You put a generous amount in once a day and do not use cleansers or any other meds with it.

dixiebones's picture

Dixie is currenty getting over an ear infection the vet..

The vet told us to clean her ear with vinigar and water mix but not to put it in her ear just to put it on a cotton ball and go in as far as your finger will let you.

she also gave us antibotics and eye drops that are safe for the ears that contain:

Falcon Pharmacuticals
neomycin and polymyxin b sulfates and dexamethasone ophthalmic suspension (thats a mouth full)
But 5 drops in each ear twice a day for 10 days she is almost done and her ear is no longer red and she does not have fluid leaking anymore.

I hope she does not get chronic ear problems in the future.

Vinegar and Surolan

I have an old Golden Retreiver that had chronic ears infections and sometimes it got really bad. The only that that work on him was cleaning his ear everyday with half vinager and half water. Just squeeze some into his ear and do some kind of "massage" to let it go all weay down the ear. After put some "Surolan". We had problem with his ear for 2 years and it was really bad problems but now it's all in control. The only thing that help was vinager with Surolan.

ear infection

I agree that the Zymox is the best product I have ever used, and for my dog, personally, it solved his problems permanently. I also have to say, his ear canal was deeply affected, swollen, red, and closed. We were sent to a specialist, who also said he needed the surgery. As a last resort, we decided to use the Zymox. At first we literally could not get the medicine down into his ear because it was so closed up. We got the smallest feeding tube possible and started putting the Zymox as far into the canal as we could, which at this point was just at the opening. As the medicine started to work, the upper part started to open up so we could then go a bit further, and so on and so on. We did use this in conjunction with antibiotic. This was four years ago, and his ears look quite healthy. There is scar tissue, but his hearing is better and no more problems.

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