dry eye?

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dry eye?

Hi,I have a rescue bulldog, he has been with us for about 3 weeks now, he is adjusting quite well for being 7 years old. I was told he had dry eye and was on Adminficial tear drops, I took him to my vet for a check up and he said to use Optimmune 2 x day. But it really doesnt seem any better and has junk in it several times a day. Any thoughts or suggestions as I am new to this breed.
Thanks, Deb

Eye gunk

Before putting in the meds use Bausch & Lomb eyewash in the eyes and wipe the gunk away.

Yes! and I've passed the info on to several people. Thanks again


Yes and it really does do great. NM


Helen, Were you the one who recommended Refresh Liquigel?

I have been using it on Junior and it works great for dryness.

dry eye

hmmm so the atificial tears do not interfere with the optimmune? how long does the junk in his eye last or will the meds. take care of that over time?
thanks, deb

Dry Eye

Keep at it. Optimmune is really the best stuff for dry eye. You can use artificial tears during the day to lube the eye.

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