Dry Cracked Nose

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Dry Cracked Nose

my 2yr old bullie has a dry cracked nose. it doesn't seem to cause him pain. is this a symptom of something? is there something i can do to cure it? vaseline?


Although it may not be a problem at present, a dry cracked nose can be an invitation to hurt and infection...its not supposed to be that way. Many dogs that spend lots of time outside in the sun will get the dry nose and some cracking. There are several remedies which include Vaseline, Bag Balm (my favorite) and Vitamin E oil (break open capsule and let the oil soak into the nose). I think you will have the best results if you begin treatment right after a bath, when the nose is "soft" from being wet...rub the dry skin somewhat vigorously with a dry terry towel...you'll see "black" which is the dead skin being sanded off. Do this a few times, and then apply one of the options listed above. I buy a can of Bag Balm (sold at Tack & Feed Stores, many Drug Stores, and some grocery pharmacy sections) and a dab on my finger, rubbed into the nose weekly is sufficient to keep it from cracking. The Bag Balm will absorb quickly, as the oil will, and its odorless which you dog will appreciate...the Vaseline won't absorb and may cause the dog some frustration as he tries to lick it off...immediately! If your dog's nose is very dry, you may want to do this twice weekly in the hot months, or even yearround, but it doesn't require any antibacterial or medicinal preparations...yet.

Our 3 were the same!!

I just started putting a fingerful of vaseline on thier nose about twice a week in the beginning, now just once a week. Seems like it got worse for them here (Las Vegas) when it got so stinking hot!!

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