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Droopy Eye

Our two year old bulldog has a slightly drooping eyelid. The eye is not red, irritated or producing any abnormal mucas. Gus has never had any eye problems before, but he does have allergies. Generally, his allergies just causes some some licking in between his toes, which we treat with benadryl, but, could his allergies also cause his drooping eye? He does not try to itch or rub the eye. We are just being cautious - any suggestions?

droopy eye

Thanks, Elaine! We have read that artifical tears would be completely safe to try. We generally notice Gus's right eye drooping after we've taken him for a walk or he spends a lot of time outside. Thanks for your suggestion!

You can't do any harm by rinsing eye with artificial tears.

When there are questions about possible irritation, perhaps from dryness due to weather/wind/etc. you can't go wrong if you put 2-3 drops of artificial tears in the eye a couple times a day. Its a natural product and it may bring some help/comfort. Other than that, its just a 'wait-n-see' if anything more serious develops.

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