Dog cold?? Green snot from nose

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Dog cold?? Green snot from nose

Just wondering last day or so dog has been acting weird coughing, and has snot coming from one nostril, also seems to gag at times, i am going to give it anoher day then take him to the vet, hope its not serious. Anyone had the dog with a cold?? He is not a pup so i am giving it a chance to go away.

Is my dog sick?

No my dog is not cold because i took his rectum teperature and it was normal, but green snot has been coming out of my lab's noise purfusly for alsmost a week. I am worried of what type of illness my puppie has. Please write back and maybe give me a cure for my dog Jake, thank you very much.
From, Timberlee Owens

I think it's kennel cough

My 10 month old Brock had it when he younger. He was around a lot of dogs and that's probably how he caught it. There was definitely lots of green snot and his nose was runny all day. It started out with some vomiting in the beginning. Poor thing, I know how you feel. I took him to the vet and said it was kennel cough and she gave him some antibiotics. ABout a week and it cleared up. Hope your bully gets better soon!

thanks read the health topics

and i amr eally annoyed, the dog has never been sick and suddenly this. I will take him in tomorrow if it does not get better, but i also see that it runs its course.

did go to dog park a few days ago, they can get

sick at almost 1 year old as well?? I did not know that have taken him to the park as a puppy all the time
and never had a problem. Does this go away??

bittybulldawg's picture

Do you go where..

there are a lot of other dogs..class etc. He could have kennel cough.
If you breed....rescue

dog cold

your dog needs to see the vet., he has a respiratory infection and dogs do not need to be in contact with other dogs in order to catch this if he is not placed on cephalexin or clavamox (antibiotics) along with robitussin or dimetapp and continues to worsen he will end up with pneumonia. bulldogs are brachycephalic and need close attention to anything that has to do with their respiratory system. humans catch URI's all the time and so do our dogs it just happens.

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