Does your Bulldog have Kidney disease???

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Does your Bulldog have Kidney disease???

To any of you out there who have had Kidney problems with your Bullies, I wanted to pass along a wonderful Yahoo group I found a little over a week ago. I have a 4 year old bully girl who is having Kidney problems. I've been taking her to see an Internal Medicine Specialist for nearly 4 months now, and have done numerous testing on her Blood & Urine, and we've done an ultra-sound. All the tests that we've done have not been able to tell us much of anything, except that she has high this or low that.

So I've been searching the web for answers, and came across the best information that (I believe) is out there to be found. It is a Yahoo group called [email protected]. If your having any type of kidney problems I urge you to check it out. They are a large group, with well over 1,900 members. They are very selective with whom they will let join, and they will ask that you fill out an application, and give them a lot of info before you are accepted. But all is worth it, they are an amazing group of people who have so much knowledge to share.

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