Do bulldogs have colds?

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Do bulldogs have colds?

My two Bulldogs have runny noses and course breathing. Thay both have had Breathing problems today the lossing of their breath and snorting.


Not in the same sense that we do...

when they get runny noses and congested breathing, its termed "URI" meaning upper respiratory can be a form of bronchitis, a viral Kennel Cough, or either a bacterial or viral pneumonia...we always hope it isn't pneumonia because that means there is fluid in the lungs and that definitely makes breathing more labored. Clear runny nose for a couple days without any labored or extra-noisy breathing and satisfactory energy level can be "just watched" or maybe treated with a Benedryl, but any colored nasal discharge or any labored breathing needs veterinary attention and better sooner than later. Treatment will be medications for the infection, sometimes decongestant Rx or instructions to coupage (sp?) the dog (thump the chest wall to enduce coughing to help clear out the lungs, done a couple times a day). Often times a vaporizer or humidifier is added to ease labored breathing. We take respiratory difficulty very seriously with this breed.

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