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Deaf English Bulldog

My sister who has had a bulldog for 2 years, called me and said she had found a dog for me. I've a bulldog for a long time. The only concern i have is that the dog is deaf. Its my sisters dog's brother. They are both real sweet dogs, and he doesnt seem to have any other medical conditions, and if any ever rose i would certainly take care of them no questions asked. Money is not an issue as far as caring for him, i'd sell my belongings before i let one of my animals suffer. I was just wondering if there is anything that peopel here could tell me that i might not know in terms of a deaf bulldog. All your help is appreciated.

thanks much.


My old guy turned deaf when he was about 9 years old. We coped fine with handsigns that were kept over from puppyhood, and he perfectly know how to obey and not obey them.

With some training a deaf dog is no real problem!

Re: Deaf English Bulldog

a couple previous fosters of mine were deaf and they did very well with hand signal training. just be sure to also "train" any children, people, or other animals, that are around the dog as well. some deaf dogs, depending on their experience, are easily startled if they don't sense floor/ground vibrations since they can't hear people or dogs coming up to them so you don't want anyone rushing up or grabbing at the dog from behind or when they are sleeping.


I'd let them keep his papers and you keep your $100. You're right... You really don't need them. You can use the $100 towards any medical care for him.

Good luck,

Deaf Bulldog

Sabella's not deaf, but seeing as how she clearly has a "mind of her own" she totally ignores me sometimes and acts as if she's deaf. She's just very strong willed. For sure dealing with a deaf dog would be difficult, but I feel like I get a little dose of that from her, by ignoring me and not coming when she's called. <ha>

Re: Deaf English Bulldog

oh ya, the people she got the dog from want another $100 for his papers, he is purebread. i dont think i need them, cuz i wont ever breed him, but what do you think?

Deaf dogs

Can do well. Many people sign to them. There are also vibrating collars used to give them notice when you want them to come to you. There are quite a few lists on yahoo groups that specialize in deaf dogs. I would not pay full price for a deaf dog and I would not breed one. You may want your vet to test the dog to find out if it is total hearing loss or if some tones can be heard. cause of deafness is something to look into, also.

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