Cysts between toes

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Cysts between toes

I know this subject has come up before from different folks, but I haven't been on here awhile. Forgive the reposting if it's been recently discussed ...

I've got a 13-month old male bullie who just sprouted a cyst between his toes. This is something new for us. He's on a good quality food, no prior infections or yeast issues. We have been giving him Angel Eyes regularly for tear stains, but that's it. He's been a very healthy dog otherwise, no other meds given.

What usually causes this, can it be chronic, and what is the normal course of treatment?

Thank you!

you can also use

tenactin spray for athletes foot, or prep h works also, my rocky has them all the time, less now since i used the spray

[linked image]

Thanks for the remedy! n/m

Excellent information......................

this is what my vet has prescribed. It can be chronic and does need the antibotics. The licking only will hinder the healing process. Must be kept dry. Good luck!


I have a few boys who get this everytime it rains. If the gress is wet in the mornings and I don't dry them off they can get them. It can be chronic..during the spring.. You can use Cephalax or Kelfex for a few weeks...or you can get some Penglog(from Vet) and put it in between the toes(especially if it burst) it will bring it down overnight. Also if he starts to lick it or chew it I usually put some Lanacame on the area and it numbs it right away.. hope this helps..

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