Crusty nose?

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Crusty nose?

My girl constantly has a crusty, hard nose. I've tried everything I know to try in the past even special cream from the vet. I'm currently rubbing vitamin E onto her nose with a baby tooth brush. The crusties turn greenish, flake off and then it starts all over. How to avoid this?

Apply whatever you are using several times a day, not just once

I have used Bag Balm and Aquaphor on Junior and Belle. I just started using A & D Ointment to see if that makes a difference. Both dogs have very dry noses- Belle's is worse. I was only using the Bag Balm or Aquaphor once or twice a day until I read that you should apply it up to 6 times a day. I'm going to try that with the A & D.

Funny thing is, I never put anything on Roxy's nose and it looks like a perfect little piece of black charcoal. Go figure.

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have you tried to exfoliate first? Take a wet wash cloth and gently rub in a circular motion to get the crusties off but be careful she doesnt start to bleed. The vit e works well, I used to use it when I had it. Now I use Aquaphor. Dont use a toothbrush - just put it on your finger.

Sumo had an auto immune deficiency and his nose got green crud on it also. Sometimes no matter what you do, it wont go away. In that case, just try and keep it moist.

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It works great on my girls.

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Crusty nose

I have used chap stick and other lip balm it"s handy and easy to put on.


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Re: Crusty nose?

Bag Balm - Be consistant with it until you see her nose starting to soften up.

Best Regards, Kim

I use Vaseline.......

...its petroleum jelly - he hates it but it soaks in quickly & does the job - i apply it 2 - 3 times a week to prevent it drying out HTH.

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