cleft lip breeding question

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cleft lip breeding question

I had put a deposit on a female puppy that seemed to be perfectly healthy. A few days later i saw and ad from the same breeder selling a male puppy from the same litter with a cleft lip.This upset me because I was not told this had been an issue in the litter.
I personally never would've placed a deposit if I would've known this one puppy had a cleft lip.

I called the breeder and told her I didn't want the puppy anymore because from what I understand...this can be herediatary and I didn't want to take the chance of passing the gene on by eventually breeding this female, and potentially having major problems and sick, deformed puppies in the future.

I thought I was doing the right thing by not wanting to breed this girl and pass on problems.
The breeder is furious with me and she herself is keeping a puppy back from the litter for breeding. I think that is wrong and that all the puppies should be spayed/neutered.
Anyhow my question is did I do the right thing?or was I wrong? Is this a hereditary issue?

Thanks in advance for any help. Below is a picture of the brother.

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Folic acid

Folic acid where do you buy this? is it a supplement. I agree with everyones comment just because the litter had issues doesnt mean that your female pup will have issues in the future. I cant believe the breeder selling a defective dog with a cleft lip. Hopefully they spay that dog.


I felt I made the right choice also

I think you made the right decision...

I would have done the same thing.
Any bullie with any type of problem like that... it's better to be safe than sorry. Cherry eye, entropion, mange, cleft lip, pallate issues...whatever. Even the slightest change of it being passed down heredity/congenital is just not worth it...

Not all bullies are as fortunate as the ones we call our own....

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you did right...

if your looking for a future breeding bitch you did right for yourself, you have to feel right about what is your goal in the future and if you were not feeling comfortable do not buy, maybe if more dogs were left out of breeding programs our bulldogs would not be suffering from so many problems, so as you are a novice i applud your decision. But if you are really looking for a breeding female i would look at 6 months or older to start know what you have and what you are starting with, good luck in your quest.

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If it doesn't cause spontaneous abortion

Also, using medication with a steroid in it....

on a pregnant bitch can cause birth defects including cleft lip.



for your responses..
I didn't know and that was why I was asking.

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Shall we just stop breeding Bulldogs altogether?

If you spay/neuter the whole litter due to something coming up in 1 puppy then you would not have any dogs left in the breeding programs--amen. Same goes with not using for breeding any dog with a history of mange, cherry eye, water pups--the list could go on. Unfortunately by the time we excluded every dog that has had a problem we would no longer have Bulldogs.

Miriam Olesen

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You have to give folic acid as soon as you start breeding IMHO

and if this breeder forgot to or did not give it that alone can be the cause of this problem.

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My thoughts also Vicky N/M


So I'm guessing..

that I made the wrong choice? I just figured it was a big chance to take, I didn't want to breed her knowing the gene could be there and end up with a litter of cleft lip/palettes.

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we were talking about this or something close on the

show forum.

It could be that the mom had a lack of thyroid, folic acid or other deficiency in the preg vs a genetic problem.

If you spay/neuter the whole litter due to something coming up in 1 puppy then you would not have any dogs left in the breeding programs.

All litters have something major or minor something comes up.

Bosco, Bella, Breve' & Holly


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