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Cherry Eye

My 12 week old puppy has developed cherry eye in both eyes. The breeder doesn't include cherry eye in his health guarantee because he feels that correcting it is "only cosmetic" and "isn't a threat to the puppies life". Does anyone know how much corrective surgery may cost, and whether it is best to reconnect the gland or to remove it completely? I have a 2 year old English and a 1 year old French, neither of which have ever had eye problems. I am very worried.

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Mabel had the tuck but I would have opted for removal

My vet would not do the removal so Mabel had it tucked. Within 10 days it popped out again so they lasered the pocket deeper and retucked (no discount for second surgery (lol). It has been fine but if she plays rough it will pop out again but I can massage it back in. Only 3 or 4 'pop outs' in 12mths:) My current vet (a bullie vet) does the snip and says in all her experience with bullies, she has seen no increase of dry eye in dogs that had the gland snipped. I would go with the snip in future.

try rubbing it back

We had one dog that had surgery on one eye. When the other started popping, we would just gently rub it back. It was never a problem again. My daughter's pup is 5 months old & it has come out a couple of times. Again, we rubbed it back and it instantly recedes.

i have no clue about spelling

buts its something like phenylpropalomean... she just had no control over her sphincter and would leak constantly! she actually went undiagnosed for a while until we went to a bully vet (they thought she had an ectopic ureter!!)


lucky breeder ?

thank god i haven't had a cherry eye yet!

Kristie Barwick

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what meds was she given?

glad she is doing good.

Bosco, Bella, Breve' & Holly


when i got my bully she had

a problem that was not considered harmful to her... she leaked pee a little bit... she took some meds to give her control over her sphincter and shes all better. But the breader was required to pay for ALL of the ultrasounds and other tests they did.

opted to remove my puppies...

I had two pups that popped cherries in both eyes and I got the surgery done on them when they were 13 weeks old. I opted to have the gland removed after being told by numerous other bulldog owners that having them tacked was a 50-50 chance of the popping again. The only thing you risk is having dry eye. I have three Bulldogs now that have had cherry removed and not one dry eye.
I paid $120.00 a piece for each puppy and that included being put under. They started looking better in a couple days. Cant even tell there was any surgeries now.
This are the before pics..

and these are after pics... what they look like now

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we have them cut out w/o putting the dog under

80.00 per eye.

many factors for cherry eye, palying rought, toenail, dry air, head growth....

Bosco, Bella, Breve' & Holly


He's young yet...

Talk to your vet. I seem to remember reading something about cherry eye in pups due to the structures around the eyes not being mature, yet. If they can be massaged back in without a problem, the vet may want to wait to see if the pup outgrows this. The main thing is to keep the gland moist and prevent swelling.

created by ME!

I don't think that cherry eye....

falls in the catagory of "lemon". Lemon would be a dog that's "not fit for sale" like is a breeder sold you an SB puppy & didn't tell you.


Lots of bulldogs get cherry eye...

It has to do with their wrinkly faces...especially around the eyes.

My vet will snip out the gland using a local anesthetic. It costs about $125 per eye.

Having the gland tucked down requires general anesthesia, is more expensive and the probability of it popping back out is HIGH...requiring additional surgery.

Some will tell you that snipping the glad may cause dry eye. I had a long discussion with my vet about this & he said that he's never had a dog come back with dry eye.

Good luck,
Sue, Opal & Olivia

not sure about cherry eye but...

your state may have a pet lemon law which would require by law for the breeder to pay for the surgery or refund the cost of the dog. Its different in every state but i'm sure you could google it!
Best wishes
Jen and layla

cherry eye

you will need to calla round since the price varies by state. Some vets will no longer cut the gland out but only do the "tacking" so ask when you call. I prefer to cut it out and be done with it. I have done both and with the tacking i paid $350 and it was undone that same night, and most vets do not guarentee it to stay it. Like everyone said it is a 50 50 chance.
With removing the gland If they are yound and cooperative then often they can be done without being put unde rand given a in Ca I pay $50-80 for that....if they need to be put under to do it..about $120...and dry eye is a 50/50 things as well..more along genetics I think.

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