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Bulldog Vet in Phoenix/Gilbert Adminzona

Does anyone know of a good bulldog vet in Phoenix, AZ? I have been to a local vet, and they did not seem to know much about bulldogs specifically. Someone mentioned that there was a bulldog vet in Gilbert, but i cant seem to find them

re prices

He is reasonable considering he's in Scottsdale. He's a lot lower priced than most of the other scottsdale vets I've tried or heard of. If you go in for multiple things, they sometimes don't charge for a nail dremeling for example. We've been going there for 20 years even though we've moved a little distance away. He seems to have quite a few bulldogs in his practice now. We are near Desert Ridge so we're not too far from you. Oscar and Ollie would love a playdate. Oreo would most likely snooze through it. I put my email on top.

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I live in the valley as well. We just lost Tyson and I was not happy the way our vet who had seen Tyson a dozen times and had spent countless dollars at mind you had handled the situation when we took her in when she had suddenly gotten sicker. He sent us to the ER. He said he didnt have the time to deal with her needs. Very upset by that. Anyway Enough of that. We are getting a Puppy on Tues-Wens. Can I drop your name there as well. Jana

I'm sure you will like them...

If Dr Barnes can't fix it, he will find out who will. Tell them Kathy Chapman referred you (Oscar, Oreo and Ollie) they love our bulldogs.


Thanks for the info. I actually live at the 101 and Raintree, so your vet is very close. Maybe they can help me with Grumpus' smelly/dry skin

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we are around

12th street and bell. Maby when the pup gets older and has all of his shots we can meet up for a play date. Let me know. Feel free to email me. having people in the area with good taste (bulldogs) is always a good ideal. thanks for letting me drop your name. Oh by the way are his prices reasonable??


absolutely use my name. I'm finding all these new people around here! What area are you in? I posted a congrats on your new puppy on the other board. We lost our first boy very suddenly before he was two years old and I know how devastating it is to go through. (We were in Prescott at the time, so this vet had nothing to do with it). I'm sure you'll like them - he has a partner who is also good.

We live in North Phoenix...

we still take our guys to the vet we used when in Scottsdale, Del Lago Veterinary, Dr Barnes. He's not a specialist, but treats a lot of bulldogs and is very knowledgable. All three of our guys go there. (480-951-9523). He is located on Hayden road at McCormick Pkwy. Our breeder uses Dr Anderson who is at 101 and Baseline. He does all her csections and bulldog care.

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