Bulldog peeing on MY bed.

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Bulldog peeing on MY bed.

Our year old bullie has been sleeping on our bed since day one. This last week he has peed on the bed twice during the night. Could this be a medical issue? He has been known to hold his bladder for 11 hours. or is it some type of behaviour issue?? He does usually wake us up if he has to go outside. Is he just getting lazy???

My little boy did it too!!

My Peetie will be 4 on X-mas. He has also always slept with us in bed, and often kicks one of us out of bed when he wants more room....
Anyway, I can't even remember the last time he went to the bathroom on the floor in the house- he was always great with that. He often holds it for longer than I could imagine, just because he doesnt feel like going outside!
A few months ago, I noticed a wet spot on our bed. It happened to be right after my nephews who he loves left. They had been staying with us for a week on vacation. I honestly didn't believe he had actually peeed on the bed. I thought maybe he was licking it, because he does that sometimes. My husband refused to believe he had peeed so we ignored it.
All was well for a while, and then the bed was wet again! This time it was unmistakable- it smelled like urine! This time he did it after my brother-in law stayed with us for a few days... I cleaned it up, and thought maybe he was in a deep sleep and just didnt realize it. I got a matress pad. Then, sure enough the next day when I got home, he had done it again. Again I cleaned it, and now had to wash the mattress pad too. We started keeping the bedroom door closed while we were at work. The next day when my husband came home from work, he walked him , and went into the bedroom to change. When my husband left the bedroom, he must have done it again, because by the time I got home- the bed was wet again, without the matress pad protecting it! It was like he knew!!!
Long story short- I think it is absolutly behavioral. Till this day, I am not really sure why he was so mad at me, but apparently he was! He only peeed on my side of the bed!
There was nothing physically wrong with him at all. We checked. He was just pissed- literally!
Now, we keep the door closed when we are not home. The mattress pad we got really worked. I had to get the smell out of the actual matress with bleach.
He never did ot while we were in the room or on the bed- so it might be worth getting your guy checked for an infection, just for your own piece of mind! Good Luck!

I actually bought 3 today!

Regardless of what the heck is going on with Buterz my husband INSISTS he sleeps on the bed with us. (Our friends/family think we are nuts) I bought three water proof pads DARN IT!! We just love this big guy more than anything!

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i dont mean to laugh..but

my stella is very possesive of me ...and NOT in a mean way either..just wants MY attention ALL the time ONLY for her! for ex: if my 2 legged kids try to snuggle..she squishes...LITERALLY..in between us and starts licking at me...which i dont tolerate....SO!~ she starts licking the 2 legger to death LITERALLY fast and feverently licking their face until they get up and move away from me...lmao...and GOD help my poor husband who is gone at LEAST 3 weeks out of every month, if not more...because she hates that he shares the bed with US me, HER, muggsy(who is up and down), and then daddy when he is home...that's usually when she pees the bed....rlmfao..i know its not funny, but its not me she is peeing on...she literally pees on his side of the bed, blanket or whatever...and once she was laying up against him on the bed..and i was not even in th ebed, i was at my desk..and they were happy and content he watching tv and asleep myhis side..what a miracle...and she smoothly woke up and straddled his feet ABOVE the covers, b4 he even saw what was coming and she peed on his feet!.....so it is more than like a possesive or territorial thing....good lucj and buy a mattress pad.

Please keep the victims of katrina in your thoughts and prayers...and do something nice for a stranger today...ty nicole

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I have one that does this when she is feeling neglected

or wants to claim something as her own but it's not in the middle of the night or when we are sleeping. Sorry I'm not more help.

Signs of UTI are having to go constantly but only peeing a drop or two or maybe not at all. If you see him going streams at fairly lengthy intervals then I would say it is not UTI.

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