Broken Dew Claw

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Broken Dew Claw

The nail on my bulldog's dew claw is broken and about to fall off. The break is really high up too. My question is, will the nail grow back if it falls off? I can see the quick and the claw is irritated, but there is no infection. Do I need to worry about my bulldog having one dew claw? Can you show a bulldog with one dew claw?

Re: Broken Dew Claw

I had this with one of my boys, and was told by his breeder and the vet to pull it off otherwise it would grow back strangely. I took him to the vet, they pulled it off and just put a bandage over it for a couple days. Grew back with no issues...

cutty tore his off completely

last year. there wasnt anything left, poor thing. his did grow in just fine. the vet was worried that it may not, but it did. so long as there is no infection you should be fine.

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Andrea Ruby Lola and Jigger's picture

Is there a 'bit' of it left?

showing him will be no problem.

Andrea and Ruby

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