Breeder gave me the wrong vibes?

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Breeder gave me the wrong vibes?

I met this new Bulldog bulldog breeder the other day. He purchases his dogs from overseas. His male pup was very geogeous and he is getting him ready for show. But the pup is sick with pneumonia and was coughing up green mucus. Then he preceeded to tell me about his females and all their complications like cherry eye, colds etc. These guys live outside in his backyard in pens. We live in California (in the valley) and our summers are extremly hot. I worry about these dogs and this new breeder. He also told me that he only purchases dogs that can whelp on thier own and will deliver thier own pups. His vet is going to let them labor and if complications Adminse then and only then will a cesarean be done. Is this normal in the bulldog world? I have rarely came across bulldogs that breed/deliver on their own. Also, could these dogs be getting sick because of the change in environment. I know one came from Russia and one Lithiuania (not sure if spelled right)? I know this breeder will probably stumble across this posting but I would like to get a feel from others out there on what they think. He recently registered with AKC as a breeder and belongs to many clubs and organizations. But something seems not right, and I feel like people should be aware of shady breeders. If you want to know the name of his company you can email me.

Russian/Lithuanian Puppies

I just bought 3 puppies from a breeder/broker who sells pups from these countries in april 2005. They arrived very sick with broncheal pnuenomia and have been treated for the last two months with very slow improvement in their health. I have spent thousands of dollars so far and am only looking for the right medication to treat them as it is so hard to watch these little guys suffer. The story is longer...if interested please e-mail me back. I live in California. I had also purchased another pup in January from Russia that eventually died from complications due to pnuemonia/laryngeal collapse/and a trachea that was too small. The breeder/broker represented these pups as being born in the USA but arrived with Lithuanian passports and the one birth certificate I have received so far is from Belorussia. What the heck has happened to the quality of their immune systems? This should be illegal. Brought into the USA with phony passports and birthdates.

Ulla Jensen

Yes,but remember how hot it is down here in the summer.

We live near the coast,so the humidity can be brutal.95 degrees with 95-98% humidity isn't much fun.We are doing ok.There are 3 of us on puppy duty,so it's not too bad but my hubby is going back to work.It may get a little hectic.I did it by myself last yr.That was rough.The babies are doing fine .We have 3 over a Will try to get some new pics up later.

Sue and Mack the Maniac

bullylover1's picture

Ok, now I am jealous!!!!

Let's trade; some sun for us & a snowball/or igloo for you? lol
I truly believe I was a southerner in my past lifetime (or at least from some place in the tropics!). Sheesh, these temps can be brutal! Then again, I never want to be stung by a scorpion again either (that hurt!)

R U getting much sleep? Congrats again on the pups, and wishing you much deserved sleep!

We are in Tx.


Sue and Mack the Maniac

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Re: Lori-Where are you located?

I am in Mississauga, Ontario, how about you?

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Well said Sue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The sad part is that people keep purchasing these pups & giving idiots like him business!!!!!! The best advice I was given "You get what you pay for & if initially you scrimp & try to save a few $bucks$, it will more then likely cost you in the end!!"

I wish people who come in contact with "Puppy Millers" would feel sorry enough for the animals to make a report instead of purchasing the pups! Not sure how it works in the States, but here they send in the Humane Society & they take the animals.

This is another puppy miller.He is not a breeder.

A lot of these imported dogs are sick.We would never allow on of our girls to go into labor.Most good breeders don't.Of course sometimes the girls can fool you.Just because he is a member of a club,doesn't mean he is a good breeder.I am really mad.It sounds like the cheap SOB is just trying to avoid the vet bill.IDIOT!!!!

Sue and Mack the Maniac

This doesnt sound like a Bulldog Lover !!!!!!!!!!

It's good that you are informing people out there about people like this... If you love your bullies then you would NEVER keep them outside... I would never keep my children in a ren outside... This is really sad and he is not the only one out there that treats there animals out there... I wish there was away to STOP people like this... I guess the only way to stop them is to educate people about them.......

Hopefully he does see this !!!!!!!! You DONT keep your babies outside.......That is a NO NO

This sounds like just the sort the Bulldog breed doesn't need!

Is he showing to try to gain some legitamacy for himself?

Lori-Where are you located?


Sue and Mack the Maniac

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