Blood in Urine

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Blood in Urine

I took my bullie in last because I saw when he went there was blood in his urine he is the same little guy that had an uti in March. This time of course it was 10 at night so I took him to the emergency she checked his urine I also had her run an xray to see if he had stones. It should no stones small bladder due to peeing so much and she said is prostate was enlarged which can happen due to infection they can swell. So she gave him fluids couldn't do a urine culture because he didn't have enough pee to run.. She gave me baytril and mexicam for pain. My regular vet last time gave him Orbax. Has anyone used Baytril and mexicam?? I read bad things about the Mexicam and he is not showing pain so why give it.

Can uti come that often in a male un neutered male she kept saying I should neuter him is this keeps us. What causes them to happen.. Any advice I would greatly appreciate....



Hi Elaine thanks so much for your input... I am going to address all of these with my regular vet he is out today but I will call him tomorrow. I was concerned because of her saying that his prostate was enlarged but than gave the reason that can happen due to infection.. He has been peeing quite a bit she said he was marking everything in the back as they were treating him...

Are uti not common in males?? How about enlarged prostate??
She did an xray, urinalysis, could not do culture do to not having enough to run.. she said to give him the medicine which I am going to do.
When you say they can still hurt even if they don't cryout so I should give the pain medicine.. I just don't won't to create a bigger problem since reading all bad comments on that medicine...

Ugh just a nervouse mommy I hate when they are sick....

Some of these questions need to be put before your vet

however I will add a few comments: pain in urination can be real even if the dog doesn't "cry out" and the fact that he may not be drinking as much as usual means that the urine is too concentrated/strong which isn't good...he needs to pee to get the infection 'out' because it doesn't just needs to pass. The antibiotic you mentioned is a good, wide-spectrum one and it should take care of most soft-tissue infections including one in the bladder. The pain med you mentioned is not one I'm personally familiar with but I'd give it for 2-3 days to help him along, perhaps encourage him to drink more will also help move this along.

If he's having 2,3 or more bladder infections a year (this is the case with this young male) then I would have the vet check for crystals in the urine (define which type) to prevent urethral prolapse, another problem that sometimes affects young males...and if he does have crystals, you need to adjust his diet accordingly...but I may be getting ahead of the situation with this. For now, give medications, have him rechecked as soon as he's completed them, and try to get him to drink (even if you need to syringe water into his mouth, or use a squirt bottle) before his exam so the vet can get a urine sample. Best wishes to your pup. happy.gif

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