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Bleeding Penis

Well, I have a problem maybe someone can offer some assistance to…

I woke up this morning and my 10 month old Bully Bear was sleeping in a pool of blood. He has blood coming out of his penis. I took him to the vet and she ran a catheter into his bladder and did some testing on the urine. It turned out with only a few white & red blood cells but nothing to be alarmed about. She said that his penis and prostate look normal. She is stumped at what could be causing the problem. She put him on Clavamox antibiotic. She is sending the urine cultures to the lab and I won’t have the results for 3-5 days.

Has anyone had this problem before and have any advice for me? I am so worried about him.


we had a problem with Rocky like this. He is low to the ground and would hit his penis on the steps and cause it to bleed. He also had a big ball he loved to hump which also caused the problem.

We took the ball away and he does not go up and down the basement stairs.

No more problems since and yes we did notice it because he would get up from sleeping and there would be blood in his bed.

Thanks for the help.

Well, lets hope it is not this condition. We are waiting for the test results from the vet either tomorrow or Monday. I will send a message with the results.

I appreciate the explanation, Elaine. Its a weird topic to discuss. Yesterday I thought my boy was going to bleed to death and today, only a few drops. I did put a belly band on him, which helps with no mess.

A fellow bulldoger sent me pictures of this condition and I didn't see anything that resembled it. I also confirmed with the vet that she checked for it. I guess all I can hope is that just he bumped it or broke a blood vessel and it doesn't come back. I will just keep him away from anything that could excite him (which is just about everything including the wind LOL)

I really appreciate you staying with me on the topic until I understood. Thank you very much!

When I say excited..

all I'm really talking about is when the dog gets an erection. It has nothing to do with holding urine or excitement- other than that an erection usually occurs under either of those conditions in a male dog. The organ gets engorged and elarged and full of blood. That is what causes the Urethra to "prolapse."


Since it bled when he got excited, I'd bet it's a prolapse. It really doesn't seem to bother or hurt the dog. It looks like way more blood than it is most of the time. What you can do in the mean time is tie a belly band around his tummy. I used a long piece of fleece with a feminine napkin in it for Junior.

Try to pull back the prepuce (outer furry skin covering the penis) if it happens again and look at the tip of his penis. A prolapse looks like the tip is rolled back a little bit. What actually happens is the skin on the tip sort of turns inside out. Some say it looks like a little donut. If you want to call me so I could explain it better you can email me and I'll give you my phone number.


I talked with my vet to make sure that she examined Bear for this condition and she said she saw no signs of it and no signs of any prostate problems. Now, if I read your message and I am understanding it correctly, it may have looked normal to her while I was in the office...but because he wasn't excited or hadn't held his urine for a long time, he could still have the problem? I was emailed pictures of what this condition looked like and his does not look like that, but now I am thinking this is something that can come and go?

I think you are right, I will need a second opinion. I have been researching this issue on the web all day and the only two causes I can come up with is prostate problems and Urethral Prolapse.

I have watched him all day and he has been fine. My husband came home from work and he got excited and the blood started flowing.

Thanks so much for the information - very helpful, useful information. I really appreciate it.

Urethral Prolapse

the pus you mentioned could possibly be normal male discharge called, "Smegma." It sometimes looks a bit yellow. Actually it looks exactly like Animax (generic equivalent to Prolog ointment.)

If it bleeds again I recommend finding a bulldog vet for a second opinion if your vet is unfamiliar with Urethral Prolapse. Many vets do not know about it. The tip of the penis usually only prolapses when it is fully erect- when first waking up and he hasn't urinated in a long time or when the dog gets very excited. It doesn't always stay prolapsed, but if it does it needs to be seen by a vet asap. Many vets are now using a tacking method to repair the problem. It's much less invasive and the recovery is much faster than alternative methods.

My Junior had a prolapse at seven months and he's fine now.

hopefully this will clear up soon...

but in reading the past discussions on this topic, prolapsed urethra, I hope you saw that surgery is not recommended by the majority of bulldog owners, except as a last resort and after several episodes of uncontrollable bleeding. Too often a vet who is not experienced with this problem will offer surgery as a first choice option...get a 2nd opinion in that case. Also, is your young male bulldog neutered? Sometimes the excitement that many young males experience causes partial erection which brings on this prolapse/irritation...and altho neutering isn't an absolute cure, it does seem to lessen the chance of it happening, or happening often. It is something the dogs do seem to outgrow too.


Thanks Kathy...I read the information. I called the Vets office to ask her if this is something she checked for. Wouldn't she had seen this problem when they put the catheter in to extract the urine? I looked at it and I don't see any of the symptoms that the article mentioned. I will wait to see what the vet says when she returns my call.
The bleeding has stopped and it appears that the end has a little bit of pus on it. Hopefully, just an infection that the antibiotic will clear up.

I will let everyone know what this turns out to be.

Again, I appreciate your response.

Is it possible he has a uretheral prolapse?

That will cause bleeding from the penis itself. Does he have a donut shaped bulb on the end of it (the red part that's inside). You can look up info on this in the health part of the home page.


One time a few years ago. Murphy had a few drop of bright red blood come out of his penis onto the kitchen floor. Totally scared me, but he was fine. Nothing became of it and it has just been an unexplained mystery to me ever since.

Emily & Murphy
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