Behavior during heat cycle...

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Behavior during heat cycle...

First of all, thanks for everyone's feedback and suggestions on how best to keep Jenga's little fanny covered as we work through this. We got a pair of denim bottoms with velcro closures. She hates them, but she's stopped trying to chew them off after lots of positive reinforcement, and they've managed to stay on her so far.

Now for today's concern.

This is day three since I noticed the spotting, and in these past two or three days she has seemed very melancholy. All she wants to do is sleep. She doesn't want to play. She hasn't touched any of her fetch balls or chew toys or tugs or even her favorite cat in days. Her appetite also seems virtually nonexistant. The only time she really seems herself is once I get her on the leash and take her for a long walk through the neighborhood. There are other dogs in the neighborhood, behind fences or closed doors most of the time, so I feel relatively secure walking her. It seems its her only source of joy right now.

Is this typical?

Yes, especially the first few days,


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Re: Behavior during heat cycle...

I have also noticed with our baby that she gets pretty irritable much like us females do! Lasts for a little while and then stops.

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