Bay update :O)

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Bay update :O)

Robin called a few minutes ago and Bay is doing fine. His surgery went well and he was waking up a little while ago. He will be staying overnight with 24/7 care in the event that any post-surg swelling should Adminse. As long as he continues to do well, he should be able to come home tomorrow. Robinand Paul are staying up there, and they are happy for a little relief , but of course they will not relax until Dr. Kinnear gives the all's clear. Please continue to pray for a great recovery. :O) Thanks !

Re: Bay update :O)

I'll keep Bay in my thoughts and prayers glad he is doing better

wonderful !thanks for the update...I'm sending more prayers

for a full and quick recovery..and so Robin and Paul
can take your handsome mug home..and they can exhale too...healing thoughts...ce

Way to go Bay! n/m


Keep On Sending Those Prayers

This is great news but we are waiting for the Dr. to give the "ALL CLEAR" word too. We will still keep you up in our prayers. We lokk forward to hearing again

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