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Bald Spots

Hi Everyone.. I am new to owning English Bulldogs. But I have a problem. I rescued one from a breeder who was going to have a beautiful 4 year old brindle female put down when she developed difficulties in whelping. She was referred to me by the vet and called and asked if I wanted her first before she did this. I agreed. The vet then performed an emergency c-section and she lived, even though she lost the pups. She healed up fine, after I brought her home. But now she has developed almost overnight what looks like it could be a hot spot, but I am not sure. It was rough and crusty at first, with the hair in tact, but then when I rubbed it, the hair just came out in small chunks leaving this area bald, but not really raw. I treated it by cleaning it and applying some antibiotic cream, an it healed up fine. But now I have noticed another small spot that looks about the same. Though it is much smaller. I have not noticed her scratching or anything, or like it bothers her at really. I have treated it the same way.

I was reading in some other post about bald spots, and on a website which said this type of thing could be caused by stress, or hormones, which with what she has been through could be the cause. I just don't know. My vet is a long way off, but will go if I really need to. In the meantime, I know all of you have lots of experience with english bulldogs and would like your opinions. What do you think this is, or is causing it? I guess I am a little scared I am doing something wrong cause I have always heard how hard it is to keep english bulldogs healthy. She is such a sweet and loving girl, I just want her to be happy and healthy.

Your opinions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks !!!

Thanks Everyone

Thanks all for the great advice. As for the little bumps, if you mean similar to what Demodex mange would be. Then no, they are not like that. It looks more like if you scraped your skin just enough to remove the hide and slightly draw the blood. They do not get pussy, but do get raw like a skin scrape.

I will try the listerine also. The first one which was much bigger has cleared up and looks good now, except for no hair. But it has healed and rather quickly, so I am hioping this one will to. I am mostly just concerned with what is causing them, but it is really hot here now to. Even though she is in the house with air conditioning.It was like 104 degrees today, so I am wondering if this might be a partial cause, as she does go outside for a bit to potty.

Anyway, thanks again everyone. I really appreciate your good advice from people who know bullies. It is very reassuring. Snoodles thanks you all


Are there little bumps,some may appear dry and crusty,

some may look like little pimples and some may be kind of oozie and wet.If that is what you are finding ,it is a staph infection.This requires treatment by your vet with antibiotics and medicated shampoo.Hope she is better son.She is lucky that you are such a good person.I'm sure you will be a good bully mom.Let us know what happens.GOD bless you for rescuing her.

Sue and Mack ,Mini and Willie

When in doubt, Listerine kills anything... is really good for killing bacteria in hot spot area and then drying it up before it goes as far as losing the hair. Just sort of pour it on the spot and leave it alone...I do it about twice a day and it works....copyright goes to Helen D'Amicis for her Listerine uses amd common sense.

Re: Bald Spots

We have had bulldogs for about twelve years now. For us this is the norm for bulldogs. The bumps or scabby spots can be caused by so many things. It could be a bugbite. A scratch healing. The way your bulldogs allergies show up. It sounds like you are treating it correctly. You could even use a medicated shampoo to help. If it gets worse or excessive you need to talk to your vet about your dogs allergies. It can go from mild to bad pretty quickly. The good news is, at least in our case, the spots grow in pretty quickly.

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