Average pup weight chart

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Average pup weight chart

Does anybody have a puppy avg weight chart? I have pups about 1.5 wks old and they are just blowing up in size; atleast compared to my last litter.


Weight Chart

Here is a chart that was posted a long time ago.[linked image]

I have 2 wk old puppies

Congrats on your baby's. i also have 2 week old baby's. It would be nice to have a puppy chart. Mine started out at between 6-8 ounces and now some are over a pound and some have just hit a pound. It is good to know that we can come here and get the info that we need. This site is awesome and I have learned a lot from it . How often are your baby's eating and have you moved them to the whelping box yet?


23 oz pup at week 1?! Are you sure this is a bulldog puppy chart? 16oz does make a lb? Sounds like Saint Bernard pups.


What I'm doing.....

is feeding them every 4 hrs now with mom in the whelping box then take them out and put them in a large plastic container (15"wx24"Lx 6"d) with a lid with a 2 inch opening. They mostly feed on momma but once a day we bottle feed them Similac Advance. They won't go in the whelping box alone until the eyes are open around day 21. Color on the noses is already showing up on my pups. It's such a big differance from my last litter of 8, with wghts ranging from 8oz-1lb at birth. The dad was 65lbs and momma 33 lbs....I guess they got the size from daddy. Good luck with your pups.



have always doubled their birth weight at 10 days.


This is just a chart that was posted on this site a couple years ago.

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